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Sandra Bullock tried to use an expired coupon at Sephora back in 2004. It had been expired for nearly 24 hours. She mumbled some pathetic excuse and quickly paid full price.
On the set of “Top Gun”, leading man Tom Cruise used a portable toilet that was available for the entire cast to use, but Tom selfishly left the seat up after he finished ‘his business’. His career plummeted as a result.
Canadian music legend Gordon Lightfoot once stayed at a Michigan hotel and forgot to turn off the nightstand lamp after he checked out. This mindless act caused state wide blackouts and billions of dollars in losses to the shoe manufactory industry located in the the upper peninsula areas.
Billionaire Julia Dreyfus was caught on video surveillance cameras using the wrong salad fork in a posh Manhattan restaurant in 2003. Horrified onlookers required years of PTSD therapy as a direct result of her callous action.
Karen Trentt, step-sister of the road manager for the once famous 1960s New Zealand folk band “Sunset”, was observed overfilling her Big Gulp cup at a convenience store in Denmark in the early hours of November 17th, 1988. Less than fourteen years later this exact store was torn down by a construction company hired to expand the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. Members of Amazon Prime discount programs have declined comment.