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How do you find real questions on Musing?

I have been trying to use Musing lately, but it feels like 99 % of all the posts follow the current formula:

Account 1 ask question with a title directly stolen from the title of a Quora question.
Account 2 then copy-pastes an answer from the same Quora page.

It's obvious that this is just people who spam in hopes to get upvotes from @musing, and it's also pretty obvious to me that these accounts are ran by the same people.

So how do we find real questions here on Musing? I'm starting to get very disencourged from using Musing all together with the current situation, because it's no use to spend my time replying to a spambot that just wants to milk money from @musing upvotes.

Recently, the spammers and plagiarizers have really ramped up their behaviors. We are well aware and have just added our own algorithm for detecting plagiarism. We give it a 110% effort to NOT upvote these plagiarized answers.

Additionally, we will be putting bans on these users. Any user that gets the ban will no longer have his posts appear on This will go into effect very very soon.

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to hear.

My experience with Musing was great at the beginning, but the spammers have really ruined for me now, so this ban function will hopefully make it a great place again.

The Steem Blockchain is immutable, that's true. But that does not mean platforms arent able to filter the signal from the noise. We'll soon see a much less spammy and much higher quality content on this platform.

Musing is still pretty much an MVP, so us early users really will have to bear the brunt of the bullshit that an early platform will face, abuse, spam, bugs, all that and 101 other things no one can predict.

I have full confidence in Musing though.. It's gonna be one of the Steem killer apps for sure.

I agree; Musing will have a bright future for sure.

So-ka ... you know i REALLY like your platform here, its clean and to the point, not too much bells and jingles with a decent agreeable layout as a bonus, focused on the information first (you hear it coming, right ?) but ...

You say algorithm so i assume that's automatic, dont you feel that's a bit dangerous ? I'm certainly not going to ask you to explain the mechanics. What if two people come up with the same question for instance ? Can it be abused by a troll to get someone else banned for instance ?

and if someone gets banned, how do they appeal if they feel it was wrong ? :)

always concerned about trolls and quality control lol , keep it man (or woman ...) or proably : people !

This will Really help the community! I'm sick of seeing people abuse the platform with low/no effort answers.

This was long coming. Plagiarized answers are indescribably annoying..

Please don't be banning us original quora s who are on here posting our original answers. I mark any that I do this with. My answers are my property to do with as I like. I post answers I put on here on quora as well. Cross pollination is a good thing. As long as it's your own content that is

All I know about is> is still positive, supportive, and progressive that makes the community. If you want to help or advise others, you can advise on and suggestions by title.
Do not post links on channels that do not say postings in the title in post-campaign reflections. To post a link to post can post your link every 24 hours and do not ask for votes from other users. English is the only language that is allowed in and does not use harsh words on the contemplating keeps the vibrations positive. And if you get a warning, you'll be silenced from a thoughtful promotional channel.

That's all I am from reflection.

Sounds like the rules from a Discord server or something like that, and not a reflection :P

you can search them by one to one and if you want you can see the tags as per topic but what is basically a real question is , what is the definition of real question,

Searching questions by tag still allows the spam to show. My definition of a real question is one asked by a user that genuinely wants to know the answer, and not a question asked by a spambot who just fish for upvotes.

you definately have a very nice question but you know what it takes times to settle things , musing giving people chance to interact and ask questions which you want to know and answer those questions which are you actually be aware of, but people take it for granted they just cant understand , this is a platform which is helping you and also giving you money to get help. for ex i have joined steemit 20 days back and i dont know that how to work so i started asking question which i need to know and not copying any question from quora because then what should be the purpose of musing.

Upvoted to get some visibility to we might get a discussion, or some great answers to this question, instead of it drowning in the sea of spam.

I always ask real questions, straight up out of my twisted mind. They should probably come with a warning label. Consider this my warning label. I don't even know what quara is.

I like this question...

I also like the name "Musing" as a question and answer platform because it's so apt.

Musing (noun) - period of reflection or deep thoughts.

When someone say "He is musing over something", it means the person is thinking deeply about said thing, asking and wondering all the 'how','what','why' of the matter.

the word "Musing" also is a gerund of the word Muse.

Muse (verb) - be absorbed in thought.

So the founder of Musing had the aspiration that Musing is a place in the Steem Blockchain where people can entertain deep thoughts inspired by the questions they see here..

Incidentally, a Muse is one of the nine inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. One is said to be "blessed by a Muse" when inspiration struck there.

As per Google, Musing means a period of reflection or thought.
That is Musing reflects your thoughts in the form of answers or questions.

Why there's a lot of downvoting happening on steemit on the past few days even though posts didn't violated steemit's policy?

I got 1 downvote a few days ago and I reviewed my post if I violated any policy. Then I saw a post from another user telling that she also got downvotes and even her friends got downvotes even as far as they know they didn't violated any policy. I hope someone could answer this.

The downvoting is a feature that is meant to help
Reduce spamming on steemit because the downvoting was created as a feature which someone can use to downvote any post which they feel is of low quality or it is like spamming post

But these days the issue is that some people now downvote for no good reasons,some just want
To downvote people just to make their own content trend more than the downvoted content
There are spammers now downvoting for no good reasons,they just downvote as a way to hurt others or just do it for fun

Downvoting even become more effective when the person downvoting have huge steempowers,i have also seen some whales on steemit that downvote each other especially contents on the trending page of steemit

Downvote occurs when from Upvote, our post can be downvoted if it is considered doing plagiarism and copy paste or trace, or disliked by others who have a large SP (steempower) and it is very influential.

Flagging occurs when content is offensive and offensive and rewards the rewards we receive, many flag rewards, with Steem Power owned by someone, by flagging, in an instant rewards to $ 0.00.

There has been a flag bot made by a few madmen. It's okay that they do not have voting power.

jealousy , people are downvoting others because they dont see other earning money and they are not. because if you didnt like the content , you can directly comment and said why you didnt like a post but downvoting someone's effort is definitely not the right option,

@Zayedsakib had answered this question so I won't repeat it..

However I do like to stress that posts and comments don't actually get deleted on the Steem Blockchain, when you are editing a post/comment on Steemit, what you are actually doing on the blockchain level is to "overwrite" the comment and have Steemit show the new comment instead of the older one.

In fact even your upvotes and flags are registered on the blockchain the same way if there is any changes.. that is why you don't get your Voting Power back when you cancel a vote.

Accessing to any of the Steem blockchain explorer and you can see all of it.

Imagine you can leave a "hidden message" on the Steem Blockchain by editing it as soon as your posts gets registered on the block.

You can use:

Although right now it's currently offline, but it should recover deleted posts /comments on the steem blockchain :)

For the edit, Just replace the url from say to "". From their you will see an Edit History of the said post

You can, but you cannot do it directly using steemit. However you can use some other third party websites based on steem blockchain..Few examples would be


Use any of those and go to the target account by using a similar url like this. go there and scroll through the accounts activity.

There you will be able to see both delete history and edit history of comments and posts..

I've tried this recently on a post but these tools made it hard to see the actual edit history, because when you go to the page of the post, there's no history still. You only see that it had been edited. Maybe I didn't find where the link was though...

Oh what do you know, there's an edit history tab for steemdb. Not sure how I missed it.

China never gets the stock market. The Chinese government is like, shit, I don't even know what's going to happen next year, or even next month, and I know a ton more than you, a small investor, do. And somehow you just know what a company's earnings' going to be in the next 30 years, precise to the nth degree, and come up with the right price for the company's stock. Isn't this just too miraculous?

So that's not how the Chinese stock market works. The Chinese stock market is a hybrid of policy directive + casino, with the government as the house. The policy directive part works like this:
The government starts talking about pollution is bad.
The smart investors get the message and start putting money into solar companies.
The government tells the provincial governors: "Next year your job evaluation will have a pollution-reduction score. If you score highly you are next in line for a promotion."
The governors run through their provinces shutting down the dirty coal-burners and replacing them with solar energy.
Solar companies make a killing.
Investors make a killing.
Government policy gets implemented.

Basically, the government is in it to move money from private pockets to enterprises. It couldn't care less what the stock index is, as long as the key industries are getting funded.

The Chinese economy, on the other hand, is a different story. Back in the 70's, the Chinese set a goal of reaching the living standard of "mid-tier developed countries" for the average Chinese citizens by 2050. The example quoted was "something like Portugal, Greece, or Italy". So - an 80-year plan to improve the people's living standard. In addition to private enterprises, the Chinese government has been a main driver of the economy. When Xi goes to visit Russia and the ME, he brings with him the CEOs of the 3 major Chinese oil and gas companies, and the top 5 construction companies, "can you sell us some oil exploration rights, give us some energy discount? Is there a road or power plant we can build for you?" When Li goes to visit EU, he brings with him a couple of the top bankers and manufacturers, "can you issue RMB-denominated debt in London/Zurich? Can we build this and that for you?" Basically, the Chinese government is out there full-time doing deals. It's an active player in driving the economy. And when you can leverage the whole Chinese market behind you to do deals, you can get pretty good terms. The Chinese government may not tell you what's going on with the economy, but they know exactly where they are.

Yes bitcoin and altcoins are in huge dip and you can buy as this is the perfect time to buy any crypto coin you will get profit this is 100% sure.
Look after any safe coin and buy this will easily give you 5* return if you hold coin till 2018 end . You need to diversify your coins and buy different coins according to budget do not step in into one coin which might take some time to grow we cannot predict the future.

Thanks 4 your positive response.

  ·  last year (edited)

its better to buy it partially because altcoins will increase more times than bitcoin and bitcoin will increase when people bought it

Buying a coin is always a tricky decision to make. Especially when we have large numbers of coins. Mostly what people do is to buy the most trending coin and try to avoid the small value alt coins.
I’m of the view to buy alt coins instead of BTC at the movement. The reasons behind this are:-
They are cheaper as compared to BTC. Therefore, I can buy different number of Altcoins in huge quantity.
Secondly, some Altcoins are at the movement undervalued and can have a great chance to excel.

Binary option is a very good business and some people make alot of money from the binary trading business though i noticed that many people loose more than they win just like every other binary business

But i believe that if someone have the accurate knowl edge about binary option trading then they will an upperhand to become successul in the business and make as much as you want,the easiest way to learn about binary option trading Will depend on what you want to trade on,

But no matter what you want to trade on you just have to seek the knowledge first before starting the business so that you will not loose your investment on the business

Binary option trading is a kind of business that i always find interesting because of the way the

business is structured,i love the binary option trading also because it is profitable the risks in it can be managed in a proper way,i also love the business because when someone is good at

managing the risks then the person would find it easy to be earning cool amount of money right from their mobile phone or laptop...binary option trading is also a fast way of getting alot of returns on an investment invested into the binary market

Binary option trading is a new business which i discovered some few months ago,though when i

made a research about it i found out that the business has been in existence for more than ten

years,where was i all these while??lol...anyways i have found the business to be a good business if

someone finds the right knowledge about binary options and how to trade it successfully,i am still

learning the business and for now i can see that there are alot of potentials in the business

There are a lot of comments about it online. Particularly some binary option trading platform where they say they got scammed and all that. If it has a lot of complaints against it then perhaps it's not a good thing to get into. 

I attended a local basic info seminar on it and they charge a lot for teaching how to trade well using binary options. I actually had no idea it's what I kept seeing online. Lol. I'm still thinking about if I should join it or not. So far I'm still unsure.

The blockchain industry is a fast-growing industry that i respect so much,i believe that the emergence of many new ICO’s is a prove that more people are now believing in the cryprocurrency business and they see a future in it

But the problem is that there are some ICO that are just a modernized ponzi scheme that just want to steal money from people and hide under umbrella of ICO,that is why anyone that wants to participate in an ICO should be very careful with whatever ICO they want to invest in

Before you invest on an ICO first make sure you do your analysis well and make sure you get the full information about those behind the ICO and why they created the ICO and what they have to offer in terms of making the blockchain industry a better place

Also make sure that they are not offering what i call “too good to be true”deals,the reason is because most scam ICO tend to attract investors with extremely mouth-watering deals that sounds too sweet to ignore and use that to trap investors and rip them off

  ·  last year (edited)

I currently own the following coins:

Bitcoin, Stellar, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum, Neo and gas, Steem, Vechain Litecoin, Iconomi, ZRX, Omisego, Funfair, Salt, Iota, Powerledger, Storj, Basic attention token, Quantstamp, Cardano, Cindicator, Time new bank, Gifto, Aion, Augur, Golem, Ins ecosystem, 

My biggest positions are Bitcoin, monero, stellar, vechain, ethereum, neo and steem. These are the coins i have the highest conviction in. I'm more bullish on some of the smaller altcoins but they have more chance to fail.

Most of these altcoin positions where only bought since May this year. With cryptocurrency so cheap i'm buying more every month, averaging down to the bottom. 

Yes you can. You just have to pay for the second one. Steemit Inc will provide you with your first account free of charge in exchange for some private information about you. But you can buy more accounts.

Blocktrades has a great tool to let you create accounts : Their current minimum send is about 4.1 STEEM to get an account. You'll get an account with 3 STEEM powered up.

You can also use steemconnect's tool to create a second account: It will cost either 3 STEEM or 0.1 STEEM and a 15 SP delegation to the new account.

Yes in fact I have 4 different accounts which is because I have my main one which I do differet topics, I have a community account, then I have a charity account and to be honest I have a short form account for zappl, freewrites and stuff.

Yes you can make two Steem accounts with these two options,

First Option - If you have Steem to buy 2nd account.
2nd option - If you have 2 Email Accounts and 2 Phone Numbers

Yes you can make two account . Another account you can make buy paid services. You can pay amount in bitcoin and ethereum. And get direct access to another account.

Yes you can. You just have to pay for the second one. Steemit Inc will provide you with your first account free of charge in exchange for some private information about you. But you can buy more accounts.

Blocktrades has a great tool to let you create accounts : Their current minimum send is about 4.1 STEEM to get an account. You'll get an account with 3 STEEM powered up.

You can also use steemconnect's tool to create a second account: It will cost either 3 STEEM or 0.1 STEEM and a 15 SP delegation to the new account.

Yeah you can create two different steemit accounts,but you cannot create two steemit accounts officially on direct website but you can use other services that helps you to create a steemit accounts for some certain fees

Also it depends on the service which you want to use to create the steemit accounts,some services requires you to have steempower delegated to the new steemit accounrs

But People should be informed that registering multiple accounts directly on steemit is counted as spamming and may make steemit not to approve the account registrations

Some people have two steemit accounts and they genuinely have a good reason why they

created the two steemit accounts but there are also many spammers that do not have any

meaningful reasons why they opened multiple steemit accounts,some certain people open

multiple steemit accounts just to steal from the steem economy and there are also some certain people that opened multiple steemit accounts

because each steemit account have a product or services which they offer which can make the steem economy to become better

Having an investment manager itself is not a bad idea but it also depends on what you want to invest on,there are some kind of investments that you definitely need an investment manager while there are also some form of investments whIch you can do on your own

If you are investing on stock markets well i believe that you need an investment manager for such an investment and the investment manager should be a stock broker with experience and knowledge about the stock market

But if you are investing on cryptocurrencies then i believe that it is something you can invest on without an investment manager because what will make your investment secure and profitable in the cryptocurrency market is your wealth of knowledge and also experience concerning the market itself and so you can get that without an investment manager

But be aware that if the investment manager is someone that is also an expert in cryptos then you can now use such investment manager for your investment portfolios

I have done some major investments and some are already yielding profit while some are yet to bring in returns on investment,investing is a good way for someone to secure their finances and become richer and more resourceful

Let me explain to you the things i invested on,first thing i invested on was real estate,i invested into real estate because i believe that the investment tend to be more reliable and good for a long term profit,I made investment on real estate by buying units of aparrments and also buying hostels and also lands

Second thing i invested on is cryptocurrency,i bought more bitcoin then i also invested on ethereum and some other smaller coins,well investment on the cryptocurrency have started yeilding profit because to me it is more of a mid- term investment and i still hope to earn profits

Another thing which i invested on is the forex market and i did it on a short term investment because investment on the forex market can be very risky especially when there is crisis in the forex market

I have dated an introvert before and i must confess that i really enjoyed the relationship with the person,the person made me have rest of mind in the relationship because she loves to stay indoors and hardly go out and it makes it have less chance of meeting another man and also have a less chance of physically cheating on me with someone

There are advantages of dating an introvert but there are also some disadvantages too especially if you are the type that is an extrovert,sometimes i find my partner to be boring simply because she does not love going out to have fun and enjoy life,now she might not be really that boring to others but to me she is boring which is probably because i am an extrovert and it is common for an extrovert to assume that an introvert is boring eventhough the extrovert might be wrong

But the advantages of me dating an introvert is more than the disadvantages of dating them so i think i will always be cool dating them but also someone have to be aware of the truth that sometimes anyone can be a cheat whether they are introverts or extroverts

i am an introvert and i dont think i am an alien , i am similar to others, although what i feel is that , people who are introvert are more lovable, caring and honest and also they never cheat you, because they dont have guts to ask another girl.

Gambling itself is not a bad thing but the addiction to it is what is very bad,i have a friend that was a gambling addict and i was really sad with his lifestyle during that time before he now finally stopped the addiciton

I believe that the gambler is the best person to help himself in terms of stopping the gambling addiction because no matter how much people advice him or her,the person is still rhe one that have the final decision as to whether they want to stop gambling or not but they still need the help of people who will give them good advice and give them tips to stop the addiction

When trying to stop gambling addiction you first of all have to admit that it won’t just stop all of a sudden in a day,it will have to stop in a gradual process,you need to first of alll start loosing interest in gambling little by little till you finally get to a point that you Don’t have interest in gambling anymore...

If you want to stop gambling i will first of all advice you to keep yourself very busy with a job,the reason js because when you are very busy the thoughts of gambling gets reduced and that is a good way to reduce the gambling,secondly i will advice you to always be around people who hate gambling so much because that will make you to not be able to freely gamble whenever you want especially when you are around these people

And finally the most important advice is that you should visit a psychologist who can help you with professional tips on how you can stop addiction to gambling....goodluck

just decide you wanna quit and then stop playing and start paying the balance you have, once you pay the whole balance , do a small party with your close friends just like few beers and snacks, and then tell them that this party is of the reason of me stop gambling. And brother i am not saying it with just a thought, i quit the same way and now tell everyone with proud how i came out of it.

For those who are addicted to gambling, winning or losing is no problem. They win, will continue to bet to seek victory if the city is always winning, why not just all risk it all. Gambling addiction can ultimately destroy your life, financially, physically, emotionally, and socially. Gambling addiction does not even pose a danger to the addict himself. It can even happen to suicide with the people closest to also associated with gambling opium. You or your nearest person is addicted to gambling to start eradicating the problem. And how to break away from gambling addiction to be honest that you are addicted to gambling, freedom is by introspection and graceful to accept the fact that you are really addicted to gambling. Common addicts get caught in the denial stage. Emotional turmoil is so common on one side of your personality can act rationally and admit that gambling destroys your life, while your dark side craves gambling with even stronger intensity. Facing the reality of the gamble has gone out of control by realizing wholeheartedly that you need to get back on the straight path, you'll be better prepared to try. A addict, and a gambling addiction expert and the point at which the problem is so obviously plowing the gambler's life, they can usually stop trying to reject it. Introspect yourself how your life changed completely after gambling
nostalgic about past victory times, if there really is. Need to concentrate on how your gambling habits carry a negative influence on your life. The only way to start back from problems caused by gambling addiction is to reflect on your current situation. All your debts and delinquent payments, money borrowed from family and friends, credit and cash balance, blank checks and debts you have to pay to the city. lost home or are in foreclosure process, prioritize this most highly in life. The same is true if your luxury goods, such as cars, jewelry, or land, have been taken over as penalties for delinquent installments. How does your physical health suffer from your gambling? lose weight a lot or even more weight increase due to indiscriminate diet and lack of exercise? addicted to smoking, drugs, or liquor, as a friend, are you often depressed, anxious or scared? engaging in self-justification or lying to cover up the action, you are filled with guilt and shame over the decline that occurs in your family life, losing friends, spouses, your job, failing to get promoted or being demoted in the office for gambling? Have you ever been picked up and caught by police while gambling, and have other legal issues as a result of your addiction.

Being beautiful for sure will make many guys to flock around them but sometimes they get mostly approached by the wrong guys which the beautiful ladies are not looking for,especially the guys that do not have features they are looking for in a man

But let me also inform you that sometimes these beautiful ladies do not see men to approach them because many of the men feel intimidated by the lady beauty and some of the men assume she is in a relationship so they do not bother to ask her out and such beautiful ladies will be strongly single even when many people assume they will definitely be in a relationship since the lady is beautiful

Also some beautiful ladies have this pride and some are very arrogant and when men start observing such attitude then they will be scared to ask such lady out on a date to avoid issues because the more she acts arrogant then the more the men get scared or feel intimidated by her

The answer should be obvious right?

It's damn addictive, Had it been not so the largest question answer wont have 100M monthly visitors and gets valued at $1.8 Billion.

While it takes more brain power to research and answer questions than just watching LADBIBLE videos, it can feel just as rewarding.

Another reason I push myself to answer questions once it gets boring is because of the desire to set myself out as a thought-leader.. Experts arent those that know alot about the subject, experts are those that not only know the subject but are those shows their expertise.

And that is on a platform that doesnt pay me for good answers... Musing elevates the experience and put it on steroids..

Sadly many people have the wrong purpose of being on this platform.. Eventually low quality content have to be filtered and the overall quality of the platform gets increased by sheer user curation.

Which one is currently the largest?

@iamericmorrison ahhh crap, pardon my typo.. "the largest question answer platform".. Which is Quora..

When i see an interesting question that i love so much or that i believe that i have knowledge

about i do always ensure that i answer the question because i have good knowledge about it

and also while answering the questions it also makes me excited especially when i know that

someone out there is going to learn from the answers which i gave to the questions asked by

the person,and knowing that i can still get some incentive for answering that question even makes it more beautiful..

First of all once you start answering you get addicted to it.
Secondly sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.
it enables to broaden my vision and i can get different point of view for a single problem/ question

because i love answering question which i have knowledge and also you earn from it.

This is an interesting question to me. I myself am answering the questions from because I want to know my own ability and how much my ability to try to answer all the questions that sometimes I have learned although sometimes many I have to study .

There are many reasons why i answer questions on,though it is not all questions i do answer because there are many questions that i do not have answers to and that is why i do not even bother to answer any question or reply to them

Whenever i answer questions on it is simply because i feel that i have the right answer to the question and also i gladly answer the question because i know that i can even earn little money for sharing my knowledge on the platform

I will continue to answer questions on if the questions are good enough for me to answer and i said so because it is not all questions that are fit to be answered especially those questions that i do not understand

Would be cool either way. and attract people

The ranking system that ranks users will be good for the community and also for the steemit

community as a whole,a good ranking system will enable those that deserve to earn money to be able to

earn money with their contents but also the ranking system should be a good system because if the system is not bad then it could negatively affect the platform

and enable spammers to take advantage of it and earn more money while those that really deserve it earn nothing

I'm not the Founder, he's the best suited to answer this question.

".io" is a top level domain name that's been trending in the tech world, particularly because it's not too hogged by name-squatters and the relevance of I/O to the techworld.

As for what "Musing" means.. I've answered that question in

Seeing repetititve questions on
Might not be easy to avoid but at least
The users on musing can avoid asking
Questions that has been asked before on the
Platform and what they can do to acheieve that

Is they should first of all use the search button
To know if a question was already asked before
Before they proceed to ask their own questions

I also would like to design a feature
Which will alert someone when a question they are about to ask is already asked before

There are some questions and answers website that have those features and i believe that can do the same thing too

If the exact same question gets asked, it won't let post it.

Seeing repeated questions on musing is notgood,so that is why someone have to make sure
that they are are asking a unique question that

has never asked before,you can know if a question similar to yours have been asked berore,what you can do to get that information is

that you should search for the question on the platform and see if you will find such

similar question,if the question is the same as yours then no need to ask such questions again

Does anyone here know Flixxo and if so did you get an invite yet and if SO what's it like ??

I have been waiting for months, caught by the hype they were selling but now its almost a month since they allegedly launched and i havent seen my invite yet. The frontpage of the site seem inactive and on telegram they tell me "we are sending out new invites ... next week" :p

So, maybe its a reddit question but since this is a crypt-o-nly community i thought i might as well ask it here ... anyone ?

If you were to create a steem based app, what type of app will you create and what will be its main features?

There are a few steem based apps as of now which are very good like esteemapp, dlive and Do you have any app ideas that can be helpful to all?

I will create an app that will review new user's posts and help them grow in the stem community.

New steem users including me are no recognized in the platform. Everybody should be given chances to prove.

So I will create an app that will review the quality of the content which is not well treated by the community and make that specific post reach more relevent users who value that content.

Sounds like someone's looking for a new project to work on :)

Though this doesn't answer your question directly, I would say that a really great idea for any app should always be kept secret. You can learn more about why secrets are important when it comes to innovating and building companies in Peter Thiel's book Zero to One:

To answer your question though, I think there are a lot of ideas out there that are up for grabs. Blockchain technology is still so new, and if you think about blockchain's chief benefit (decentralization), you will see that the nature of it is to replace existing products and services. For example, Musing is a replacement for all the question and answer websites done in the past. There are plenty of different products that could be built as a decentralized system on Steem as well. I think that something like TripAdvisor on Steem could be pretty cool. Personally, I also think that a news aggregator like Reddit could also be useful, since Steemit isn't really a link-sharing website as much as it is a blogging one. These are just examples, and I'm sure you can think of even better ones that would be a fit for the Steem blockchain :)

This is a topic that should be treated in a delicate manner because sexual education is very important especially in the society where we now live in,we live in a society where we have adults that try to take advantage of kids because they know how some kids are naive towards sex or ignorant

I believe that we should start teaching kids sex education from the moment they can hear and speak,this will make the kid to be very education concerning sex and would enable the kid to be able to avoid sexual pressures from friends or neighbours or family members or outsiders

Many of us while growing up had sex very early because we never know how sex was like,we were not taught sex education so while we are trying to learn on our own we begin to try to explore just to know more about sex and during that period some people were not lucky enough not to run into trouble like contacting disease or getting pregnant at a very early education is important..

A very very short answer to this is, when they are able to comprehend the difference in gender. That is when you introduce certain 'dos and don'ts'.

The long answer can get a bit complex because it depends on many variables, so let's get started:

Environment: As a teacher trainer, I have reports from my teacher trainees indicating children as young as 7 years old playing 'rape' in the classroom. This of course got the teacher to sit down and have the 'talk' with them since their parents did not. It may be easy to blame the parents but they could have learnt it from an older siblings. Thus, while teaching them about sex education at this age may be too early, the example above does show that the children already has an understanding or misconception of certain things related to sex education. As such, parents and teachers should take action immediately. Moral of this variable is, watch out and be vigilant towards the signs.

Curriculum: In general, every education system has a 'set age' where they would give the students a short course on sex education. My country's is at the age of 12. While this may be a little late for certain kids, parents can start preparing them also when certain questions pop up in books or reading. For example, why do people get married? Where do babies come from? etc. Generally, you would want to slowly ease the child into certain ideas before you give them the full version of 'the talk'.

Other aspects to this include their friends and the media that they are consuming. However, the general idea to this is, every child is different and instead of figuring out what is the best age, watch out for the signs as mentioned in the environment point above. Also, consider gradually dropping ideas related to sex education such as marriage, babies, etc in easy to understand 'bites'. This is to build upon their understanding slowly and avoid confusion for the child.

Hope that helps!

You do not need to teach them. When they will mature automatically they taught sex education. But I think there are no need to teach them about sex educations. Because in this generation boys and girls can understood what to do in which place. It is not similar days like of ours grandpas days.

We should start teaching kids sex education
At when we feel they are old enough to
Understand the left hand is different from the right
Hand,we have to understand that kids learn
Faster than each other,some kids quickly
Understand things while some kids do not
Understand things easily

Sex education is something we need to give
To our kids because they really need to
Have quality sex education which will make them
To understand why they should not engage in sex
At some certain ages and ways they can avoid
Sexual exploitation from sexual predators

I believe that schools should also add sex education to their curriculum because that
Will make sex education to become a subject
Of its own that students need to learn and
Understand and take as a serious subject

there is no specific learning about sex in children in Indonesia so this is a taboo to talk about

if you see in terms of good health age to do children about sex education is the age of 12 years, because it is the age of children to continue education in junior school.

very good if we teach sex education in children, because children will be more understanding and not wrong in making decisions in their sex life

Parents as the first party responsible for the salvation of their sons and daughters undergo the developmental stages (physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, social, etc.) that they must pass through, until they grow up. Parental responsibilities include not only limited or limited to material needs, but actually cover all aspects of the child's life, including the aspect of sexual education. Understanding the selection of appropriate sexual education methods will lead the child to be able to keep himself from the forbidden acts and aware of threats and warnings of adultery and have a clear religious grip. Sex is closely related to aqidah. Muslim parents, sex education preferably with moral values ​​and Islamic ethics. We will not discuss the issue of how to have sexual intercourse or safe sex, sex that can prevent pregnancy and so on, because the sex education we want is for children to know the function of sex organs, halal haram associated with sex organs, guidelines to avoid deviations from early sexual behavior . Very easily from various media will accelerate the destruction of the next generation of the nation. Very easily either via the internet, cell phones, adult and child comic books, television (movies), CDs, play stations, and more. So much so that sex act is considered normal and pleasant. This phenomenon, we must take care of our children with the value of true sexuality, which is based on their respective religions. Need to know what sex education is? How important is sex education for the education of their children? sex education the purpose of sex education Is there a stage of age in conveying sex education in children What is the meaning of sex for teenagers?

See sex education is good student can grow up and can know about adult activities but according the age should be after 15 so that the child is mature enough to get the knowledge regarding it. There are lots of school college where this type of education are covered but in india only few or we can say no college or school is looking after this topic because of shame i think everyone should be knowing about this topic

Our tendency is to have intercourse. In natural phrasing, living beings have a tendency to replicate and reproduce, from complex homo sapiens specie going to the littlest, miniscule microorganisms, they should increase to fulfill their populace and satisfy the cycle of life. Individual as life-handling specie, we individuals (not summing up all) are being systematize to enjoy sexual multiplication to figured a man to be finished and incorporated. I keep up that sex isn't a criticism matter yet rather a noteworthy component for setting up a balanced individual with extraordinary obligation in each activity he/she continues. With sex training to recover with the overarching educational programs of Commission of Advanced education (CHED) and essentially to the Division of Instruction (DepEd) area, it will altogether façade to great and effective approach to propagandize the consciousness of sound and enhance sex wellbeing and exacting the acknowledgment of the results of overpopulation or the exponential development.

How many music sites do you know of that allow musicians to earn crypto?

And have you received actual payment yet from any of these sites?

DSound is an app on the Steem Blockchain..

But there is a music specific blockchain that i've set my sights to that is MusicCoin. The name is the only sub-par thing about the whole project.. From monetization, distribution, content ownership, etc.. There's going to be a whole industry built on top of this Blockchain.

Dsound is what came to my mind when i first saw your question,Dsound is a very lovely app for

music lovers and music artistes or music practicioners,the app is built on the steem

blockchain and gives music artistes An opportunity to earn money from their

music,though the money that the artistes will earn on the music will be through upvotes,the artistes

might not earn huge income on the music at Dsound but the upvotes they get and the

attention they get is also good for the career of the music artistes

is a good site and they give up to 20$ upvotes for good music.

Hmm marriage is an institution where you keep learning more and more and it is an institution where someone needs to be very well prepared for,when we are in a relationship i believe that we should be in a relationship with someone that will love so much and someone that we care about

But if i am giving an option to marry a person i love or a person that loves me,i will marry the person that loves me because i believe that with time i will learn to love my partner back and the marriage will be a good one

On the other hand,marrying someone i love that do not love me back is a disaster which i do not want to experience so the best option for me is to marry someone that loves me and that i love too

When told to choose I will marry someone who loves me. Marriage is not an easy thing, a lot of things to be faced together, having a partner who loves us will make us always comfortable. The couple will not do anything that hurt the heart. It will always be there for us. because I think marrying someone we love is not sure to deliver happiness for us because it could be a hope not match reality.


You just need to have a decent knowledge of how the steem blockchain works, knowledge of how to make an iOS app and a solid plan of what you want to develop.

To learn more about the steem blockchain, you can check out the steem developer portal: They give a lot of the details, and if you don't understand something, I recommend checking out the steemdevs discord here: Theres even a dedicated swift page if you will be using swift to make your iOS app.

You should also know how to make an iOS app, that means having an apple developers account and knowing what tools to use. You can go with react native(which I haven't used so I won't talk about that) or go native. Steemit Inc has made their own library to interface with the steem blockchain with iOS and it can be found here: There's also swiftyconnect which is a steemconnect library for iOS development developed by @moonrise. Its still a work in progress and can be found here: You should also know Swift or Objective-C to make the apps natively if you can.

And finally you need to know what you are developing. You should have a solid idea of what your final app will be and what the reason for it. This can be the hardest part and you should spend time drawing the flow of the app out on paper. Good luck.

Thank you so much for guidance. :)

Fear is originally born as a result of repeated heavy and traumatic 'emotional' experiences in early life. These experiences occurred when we were kids and unable to process what was going on, and therefore developed coping strategies at a sub-conscious level. This 'coping' is a mixture of 'fantasy' and 'reality'. 'Fear' is deep, it is complex and this is partly why 'fear' is so hard to pin-point accurately.

Because the intense early experiences remain unprocessed and unacknowledged, they have an effect throughout life, whereby 'reactions' to situations are governed more by the subconscious processes than the 'rational' mind. Do we know why we get angry, or sad? Why we have anxiety? Is it 'just the way it is' and we have to accept it?

Fear is triggered 'at the subconscious level'. Although the 'conscious' mind tries to label and identify the 'cause' of fear, this usually turns out to be the 'trigger', and not the 'cause' of fear. The trigger (eg threat of loss of job/spouse etc) exposes the complex psychological state of fear manifestation (anxiety, worry, terror etc).

Unless one goes back and explores the 'original' settings in which these fears developed, it will be very difficult to be free of them. But this IS possible, it can be done, and it is a BRAVE undertaking to really and truly 'face one's fears'! However, one needs to take responsibility for one's feelings - blaming the the 'current' event or person that triggers the fear is simply to play the old game and to remain in perpetual confusion and misery. Eventuallly, FEAR is revealed for the imposter it is: "False Evidence Appearing Real".

We are incarnated in animal bodies, and fear is an instinct of animal bodies. As babies and infants we are very open to absorbing the feelings and experiences of others, and in our current human "civilisation" these influences are predominantly based on fear. So we soak up lots of fear, and gain the habit of fearing.

But this is not the only way we can be. As divine eternal beings our primary quality is love - true love, which is selfless unconditional love.

I am learning to dismiss fear (unless there is a very good reason for it - eg about to walk over a cliff!), and to not make any decision based on fear. Love trumps fear every time.

  ·  last year (edited)

Everyone must have fear. Many things cause the fear of someone. But in general, the emergence of fear because people dare not take risks.

In doing business, the cause of fear here is the risk of loss. Everyone must be afraid of failure, so some people avoid business and some prepare to do business.

Another cause of fear is death. People fear wild animals, for fear of death. This is one example, there are many other cases. Fear of death causes people to fear doing something they perceive as danger.

Another cause of fear is shame. For example, people do not dare to speak in public because of embarrassment, fear of speech is not good and so forth.

Another cause of fear is trust or religion. Case in point, Muslims do not dare to drink alcohol for fear of sin. People do not dare to do freely for fear of sin with their Lord.

Cause of fear due to trauma. Trauma can make people afraid to do something. For example, people do not dare to marry, because of trauma with the marriage of her parents who often bicker.

It is COMPLETELY normal to fear what the future holds for you. But it's also important to know that 'fear' is man made.
Fear is a trick that your mind plays on you.

In reality, there is no such thing as fear. Fear is just a mechanism of your brain. It's your brain's way to get you to perform the tasks that will get you to your goal. Understand that truth of life first.

No negatives, no setbacks. Only learnings, only GROWTH.

True warriors know that fear disappears as soon as they look it in the eye. It doesn't matter what people tell you, it doesn't matter that you let yourself down in the past. If you're a true warrior, you'll put your helmet on, you'll raise your weapon, and you'll KEEP HUSTLING...

Fear is a good thing if we take it positively if the person have no fear sometimes they became very dangerous and also criminals but there has to be balance in everything, fear of losing someone is important but fear of failing is not good so basically the sum up is that fear depends upon situation to situation.

Fear is an emotion that is marked by assessing the existence of a threat that makes a person feel depressed or want to escape from it. Every human being has a fear of something, be it a phobia or fear of poverty, sadness and the like. Restrained Since we were small, being restrained is not something we enjoy. We as human beings who have their own patterns of thought are not happy creatures if they have no control in our own lives. Imagine if your life is held by someone else, like you have to marry this person, you should not eat and drink before 1 o'clock, you have to use this shirt, you have to use these pants and so on.

This can be synchronized with restrictions on freedom, everyone wants to be free to manage his own life. Freedom itself is not something that is always positive if done too much, because it is made the rules either in writing or not written (social rules).

Guys, can you name the e-wallet(s) that takes USD and Crypto both and is reliable based on your experience?

I am looking for an e-wallet which I can use to send and received both crypto and fiat. Perfectmoney and advcash have bad ratings on

Expecting good suggestions from all of you.


Paypal doesn't take cryptocurrencies.

First you should know that reputation only increases/decreases depending on what the voter does (upvoting/downvoting the post/comment).

There are two things that affects reputation here on Steem.

First is the reputation of the voter.
If the reputation of the voter is higher than the votee then calculations are made. Since reputation is exponential, a higher rep user will give significant increase/decrease when upvoting a low rep account.

Second is the upvote weight given by the voter.
A 1%upvote will only give less increase to someone's reputation compared to a 100% upvote of the same level of reputation.

The same goes for downvotes.

If you post copy paste content your reputation will be decrease because cheetha bot will catch you and may be someone flag on your post . So avoid copy paste content. Also upvote only good post. Don't try to scam people on steemit. Other wise you will get flag by other users. So reputation is very important if you have low ranking then your post and comment will be hide and show less people. Also read some terms and condition that will help you to understand polices of steemit. And there is lots of ans in FAQ you can read it .

Reputation is the score of our profile i think steemit has done a wonderful work by bringing the reputation of any profile. One can identify his content how he is dealing with blogs and because of it the fake contents which are copyright or spam can me removed and only legit contents can be given real value. Reputation score decide how much user is writing the blogs useful to other or not.

On an average everyone get reputation of 25 and they have to build their reputation toward upward and if someone has reputation of less than 25 then his profile either use by bot or he content will be copyright.

Hey, the easiest answer would be the Upvote Values of the Steemians which increase your Reputation on the steemit-platform.
More interact and more active will raise your reputation immidiately.

Upvotes you get on your content—posts and comments—are the only variable related to your reputation score.

Let me make the things clear by stating point wise

  1. Initially one gets a basic reputation as 25 and it increases when that person gets upvotes and vice-versa.
    2)Writing good content and make people learn from your post would automatically fetch you upvotes and drives your repo.
    3)Write articles about trending topics so that many people go through your writing
  2. Don't use unnecessary tags as people many flag you.
  3. Better no to write on sensitive topics as it may harm someone.
    6)Don't spam others post by writing unnecessary comments.
    7)Don't mess with whales
  4. Make a core group who upvotes your posts as soon you publish(very important)

happy steaming :)

are you talking about steemit reputation? if yes? then There are two ways our reputation goes, one is upward and the other is downward. there are also two ways to take your reputation upward, one is the right way and other is also a right way but not recommended, 1st one starts creating good content and get votes from the community and other is create good content and get upvotes from the bots to get noticed and then community will give you upvotes after seeing your post in hot or trending tags.

the content , upvote on chitaah commented content, some one downvote your post, if you are not consistent , all these affect reputation,.

thank you Everyone
It means a lot to me