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Only if you were able to find women willing to be part of your harem. By marrying a woman a man incurs a heavy cost: his work output in excess of what he needs to survive. In marriage, a woman accepts that in exchange for giving her husband exclusive sexual access. If you were able to procure an actual harem, you'd have to be wealthy enough to bring enough to the table to multiple women for them to consider marrying you. If you're talking about banging a lot of women, that's not something the typical man is at a liberty to do at will, unless is willing to really slum it. I suppose there are enough crack whores and the like willing to turn a trick for a few bucks. But who knows, maybe you've got what it takes to be or become a slick, smooth talking charmer able to get into the pants of lots of ladies.


Thanks for killing my dream steve.
Maybe the crack whores are an option though. I guess one door really does open when another shuts.