You just gave me ideas. Thanks.

Why would they care as long as they can curate. They have to use their vote everyday in order to make money, it is a business. As long as it is a certain standard who cares how old it is. If it was my business I would welcome it.

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And cryptos market crash, sad.........

I thought lightning never struck twice, ewwwww~

Very good answer Kouba, I totally agree with you mostly when you mention how we Mexicans have handled immigrants in the past...

I find this response very insightful. Thank you

Rightly said, instead of genocide, proper allocation of our earth resources is necessary. This will not only ensure that the resources are available where there is an actual need but would also prevent wastage where they are in excess than the demand.

Also people should educated to use resources allocated to them in more efficient manner. If we are able to reduce the wastages of food or energy and even fuel that happen all around the world, it would greatly increase the global economy to a certain extent.

Being able to do all that would be much better than genocide @sankysanket18. The trick becomes, how to do it, who decides, and who makes it happen? Too many people with too many vested interests and too many fingers in the pie to be able to do this on an honor system where everyone just buys in and decides to do it.

It would be nice if countries could just figure it out without too much pain or complaining, let alone shooting for the entire world all at once. Even that's going to be hard.

My guess is, a smaller group, say a city or a small district of some kind is going to need to lead out, and then make some noise about it. And even then, you're still going to have your profiteers who will not go unless they can jump to something else and makes as much or more.

I just have issues when people seem to want to get rid of other people. We've found a World War over that, and other wars. And too many genocides have happened as it is. There just isn't any Thanos kind of scenario where the ends justify the means. If in no other way, we're definitely in this particular situation (experiencing population growth while maintaining and sustaining resources) together.

Only if you were able to find women willing to be part of your harem. By marrying a woman a man incurs a heavy cost: his work output in excess of what he needs to survive. In marriage, a woman accepts that in exchange for giving her husband exclusive sexual access. If you were able to procure an actual harem, you'd have to be wealthy enough to bring enough to the table to multiple women for them to consider marrying you. If you're talking about banging a lot of women, that's not something the typical man is at a liberty to do at will, unless is willing to really slum it. I suppose there are enough crack whores and the like willing to turn a trick for a few bucks. But who knows, maybe you've got what it takes to be or become a slick, smooth talking charmer able to get into the pants of lots of ladies.

Thanks for killing my dream steve.
Maybe the crack whores are an option though. I guess one door really does open when another shuts.

What funds I need to start something like this for my own country which is Kosovo?

Nowhere does the Bible say females are inferior to males. And there is a ton more good done in the name of religion than bad. What you are seeing is the sinfulness of man controlling the man. Christianity teaches that all of us are sinful and in need of redemption. God provided for that redemption in Jesus Christ. All who believe in Christ are redeemed and will live eternally with God. It also teaches that our response to that redemption should be to go and do good works. And it teaches that all those who do not do such good works but continue to do evil are not really redeemed, regardless of what they say. I think you need to study this more deeply.

But it does say that wives should submit to their husbands. And that males are the leader of the household. So there's that. You know, women should do the bidding of men...

Show me how the good things done in the name of religion outweigh the numerous massacres that have taken place in the name of religion. In my opinion, no amount of good can outweigh the killing of thousands of people.

And the sinfulness of man controlling man? Is that your way of hand balling the blame? If people are using religion as motivation to kill others then that's what it is. It's religion inspiring the killing of your fellow man.

I think you need to study this more deeply.

I think you need to learn much about religion not people. If you know what the Bible teaches , you will understand what religion wants for people. Every person has his believe and mindset but that doesn't mean they are walking according to doctrine. And for homosexuality, even your conscience is enough to tell you what is wrong and right. The society permits freedom of choice. So it's to you, whether to go the right or wrong

Actually I'm not going to tell someone whether or not they can or can't sleep with someone of the same gender. Who someone sleeps with has nothing to do with me and zero impact on my life.

I live by a strong set of morals, and I won't have a book written thousands of years ago, by people of that time that describes their understanding of the world, dictate how I will live my life. The bible is an absurd book to live by, and has so many interpretations and translations that it no longer reflects the original text anyway. And even if it did, the original text would have virtually no relevance to our lives today.

The key thing to understand is that religion is an invention of man. And our society grows and matures every day. So to continue to follow something that was designed to keep populations under control and reflect the understanding that man had of our world thousands of years ago is insane.

You won't agree with me of course and that's fine. You go be you.

Leviticus 18:22: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."

Pretty sure that's some discrimination right there.

The question is asking why the bible treats homosexuals as lesser people. It's not so much about whether or not males and females are viewed as equals, but the fact that the bible treats homosexuals as lesser beings.

Every society, religion, organisation is guided by rules, and this rules are what maintains moral. The law court frowns at a murderer, thief etc. And you as a person hates certain things which probably you have set as principle in governing your life. So the Bible frowning over homosexual shouldn't be an issue because it warns against it, you don't expect a father to treat a disobedient child just like the obedient one

So you're comparing murder and theft with people who sleep with people of the same gender? What is wrong with you?