Musicoin: Revolutionizing Music with the Blockchain

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Decentralized Platform for Music

Musicoin is a platform built on the blockchain that streams music, and supports the distribution, consumption, and creation of music in a shared economy. Musicoin empowers musicians to take full ownership of their respective finances and content, using a decentralized platform that balances the power of technology and blockchain. Independent musicians can have their songs streamed to listeners for free and without ads, while being paid more fairly in comparison to industry-standard streaming platforms.


How will it Change the Industry?


In comparison to current streaming services, musicians that use Musicoin get 100% of their revenue, due to the decentralized, peer-to-peer platform that it offers. There are no third parties involved, and all transactions are secure and transparent. Musicoin also leverages the blockchain to get rid of any intermediaries by implementing a model called Universal Basic Income that supports both listeners and musicians.

What is its Current State?

  1. Vote for Musicoin's Week 23 Artist of the Week here!
  2. Volareo announces four exclusive pre-releases on Musicoin. Link to the full article here!
  3. Musicoin interviews @Scouting4Girls! Link to full interview here.


Animated Roadmap link here!

Project Details

Project Name: Musicoin

All images courtesy of Musicoin.

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This platform can provide more decentralize alternatives in comparison to Spotify or iTunes. Very exciting!

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