Welcome to The Creative Crypto Billboard [An Open Call for Articles + Upvote Rewards]

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Building Creative Community

The Creative Crypto Billboard (@cc-billboard) is the newest development of the magazine’s online interface. Currently, our team publishes articles on the @creativecrypto Steem account which ports into our open-source frontend at www.thecreativecrypto.com. Our next goal was to create a resource that allowed creative professionals from around the world to contribute to the magazine and showcase their work. We set out to develop a new feature of the Magazine aimed towards promoting great content, and building community connections.

Welcome to the Community Billboard beta

This new page on The Creative Crypto’s website will become a dynamic broadcast of curated and creative work submitted exclusively by our readers. Any reader can submit project announcements, contests, creative writing, crypto inspired art, blockchain powered games, curation posts, platform reviews, or a longer form theoretical piece - all with a focus on cryptocurrency and creativity using the link, right here.

All submitted articles are then reviewed manually by our editorial team. Approved articles will be published on the @cc-billboard and will soon be published on the "Billboard" section of thecreativecrypto.com website later this month.

Here is the preliminary mockup (in progress) for the Billboard interface -

180608 Billboard Beta.png

Each article on @cc-billboard will appear as an expandable independent tile with the first image as the cover (just like the homepage of the Magazine). The original author’s name or username will appear next to the first category/tag. This new feature will launch in the next few weeks and our goal is to have at least several pieces of new content published daily to start filling up the feed even before liftoff.


Submit Your Work to The Billboard!

Click here (or below) to contribute to the Billboard. Successful contributors are eligible to receive a @sndbox upvote (if you have a Steem account). Simply comment on the @cc-billboard post that you authored to receive a vote!

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Here's How it Works

Examples include project announcements, contests, creative writing, crypto inspired art, blockchain powered games, curation posts, platform reviews, or a longer form theoretical piece - all with a focus on cryptocurrency and creativity. Articles will be reviewed and curated manually by The Creative Crypto editorial team prior to publishing. Always properly attribute your sources (including images, quotes and text).

  • Approved submissions will be published on the @cc-billboard page and ported into the Creative Crypto website beginning later this month.
  • Post a comment on the @cc-billboard article you submitted to receive an upvote reward directly from @sndbox

Our team will continue to build out the Billboard to become a gathering place for all crypto platforms, communities, makers, and general appreciators of art and creativity. We’re looking forward exploring your ideas and submissions!

Visit us @ thecreativecrypto.com

Learn more about the launch of the Magazine by clicking here. For more information on The Creative Crypto and its mission, check out our earlier articles including Beginnings of The Creative Crypto and the State of Crypto Creativity. Join our weekly Mailing List by signing up here.

illustrations by @zsolt.vidak

CC Submit an Article.png

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Building a creative community is great! Personally, I am now do not feel confident enough to take part ;-) But I will be glad to learn about new and interesting authors!

Always creating spaces to show quality content and giving the chance to Steemians to be promoted in a fair way!

Cool as always & Resteemed!

Peace V!

If your Steem post is no longer active (payout window has closed) you can still submit an article. If the article is approved and published on @cc-billboard, please make sure to comment on that post and we'll give your comment an upvote. Comment upvotes are a nice alternative to give you added visibility and a bounty for contributing to the Magazine!

UPDATE - Due to a large number of link submissions we now only publish original content submitted directly through the form (no links). Comments will still of course be upvoted as a reward for contributing.

Ohk thanks for thw information and telling me the alternative of closed voting window.

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