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Why Musicoin Excites Me!


I wanted to use @Musicoin for a few months and really get "stuck in" to understand the technology, the road map and the motivations behind the team.

I have run my own technology company for over 15 years so I have seen my fair share of technology come and go. Companies that concentrate on providing a stable foundation and then grow organically tend to fair better in the long run than those that hide behind "smoke and mirrors" and "vapourware". The later are usually in it for the money and nothing else and that is ultimately why they fail (or they hype it up and sell - they have VCs to answer to after all!).


I was developing websites back when Alta Vista was one of the dominant search providers. Google didn't announce itself in a blaze of publicity before going on to develop its algorithms that ultimately turned it into the Goliath that it is today. No they quietly worked on their technology and when people saw that the search results were more relevant than any of the competitors the exodus began.

I see Musicoin in a similar light - building a solid foundation that pays musicians more than any other streaming service.

I Was Sceptical

I was initially sceptical as here was a technology that was already available but has performance issues and there was not a lot of communication from the team as to what they were doing about it.

What I have come to realise is that the reasons are that this is a VERY SMALL team who have their heads down getting on with the development. They are not some VC funded company with a huge budget available to hire a ton of staff. Rather than trying to develop a fully functioning and stable release of the platform they have given us a beta release (read "test system") that allows us to help them test it AND that actually pays us as well!

I still wish I knew a bit more about the team but that's a small issue. When you see people like Multi-Platinum & Multi-Grammy Nominated Producer Pascal Guyon getting behind Musicoin you realise that this could be something amazing.

And you can actually earn more than you will from any other streaming platform already!

Pascal Guyon on why he believes in Musicoin

It's Not About The Currency

Most people's (including my) introduction to Musicoin is via Bitcoin.

Watching a few videos/reading a few articles leads you to learning about the "blockchain" and if you delve deeper you realise that the blockchain is not just for currency transactions.

A currency is needed to pay musicians but first and foremost Musicoin is about using the blockchain to enable direct payment to musicians as soon as a track is streamed as there is no need for an intermediary. 100% of the streaming revenue goes directly to the artist, immediately!

It's a new way to build a "business", if you can call it that in the traditional sense, and it's something that we can all be part of rather than just users of.

The Ambassador Programme

Version 1 of the Musicoin wallet was released recently and the team's focus has turned to increasing awareness now that this milestone has been reached.

As I said above there is no PR team to do this but the exciting thing is we can all get involved and The Ambassador Programme is one way.

Ambassadors are advocates of Musicoin who believe passionately in its future and want to spread the word through whatever platforms they are comfortable with.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador then contact Ambassador Liason ([email protected]).


I have also added Musicoin to my website AtomCollectorRecords.com where you can get more plays of your tracks by listening to other artist's music. You earn credits by listening and then use them to put your own tracks in play rotation.

More Information About Musicoin

Join Musicoin (my referral link)
Musicoin White Paper
Musicoin on Discord
Musicoin Forum

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

Follow @JuxtaMusic for More Of My Music


Absolutely fantastic and concise post, John! This inspires me to go ahead and write one of my own, to keep the snowball going! Together, we shall make Musicoin THE reference for online musick streaming! Bright days ahead, my friend, bright days indeed! Welcome to the Ambassador team, BTW, I am glad you joined! I think you are an invaluable asset to the online musick community and the work you have done and keep on doing is awesome! Cheers! P.S.: I noticed the link provided in your article, in relation to the Ambassador program, leads right to the Musicoin site. Can I suggest you make it point to "[email protected]" instead? ;)

Thank you very much for your kind words. Bright days ahead indeed!

I do actually link to that email address but I guess links to emails don't work. I'll just put it as text instead.

One interesting part of their proposition is the concept of tipping - additional coins that you can give from your pot of coins if you really appreciate the work of the artist. I was sceptical that listeners would bother but am proved wrong. Nearly 50% of our coins have come from tips (which is not uncommon).

A have also been pleasantly surprised by this!

thanks for sharing this!

I have been taking my time getting in to the #musicoin platform, as it is a little funky at first.

eager to learn more, of course

Did you try using AtomCollectorRecords.com? It's effectively a Musicoin jukebox. You earn listening credits by listening to other's tracks.

yup been scoping out your site today :-) thanks so much for what you are bringing!

Absolutely spot on, John! Musicoin is in its infancy, the team is small and we all need to ALL we can to spread the word to independent musicians languishing in the mire of the giant platforms that pay a fraction of what Musicoin pays for streaming. There are awesome developments in the pipeline. For instance, they are working with the folks at ROCKI to create the first blockchain audio speaker that actually pays musicians when fans clap. How cool is that!? Join the coin, immediately if not sooner!

I didn’t realize you had such an extensive background in tech, but it makes sense now... in fact, I was just talking to #THESPEAKERBREAKER about you yesterday... I’m actually getting ready to walk out the door right now, but I’ll be back to look more deeply into this #ambassador program you’ve mentioned... I’ve msintained for months now that #musicoin is the way to go, but that it’ll take time, patience, and dedication... it’s only the beta version, great things are on the way...

I hope it was all good! :P

Yes musicoin is tge future i also see a video app addon on top of musicoin do you think its posisble? @atomcollector i also tried signing up on atomcollector.com but keep getting a error help me out please

Anything is possible! :-)

What error do you get when signing up?

Complete Registration
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch: 'CInt'
/register/register2.asp, line 524

Still getting the problem

Excellent article and write-up. The future is looking bright for independent artists and Musicoin sure is an awesome platform!

Bingo. Great comparison to Google, by the way. I remember the early days of Google back when I was a kid. It just worked better than the other engines I used at the time (Jeeves, Lycos, Alta Vista, Yahoo!) I used it once, switched back to Yahoo! for a few months, and then switched over. Precisely the same pattern persisted with Musicoin. Tried it once, switched back to Soundcloud for a few months, and then switched over full time.

Cant agree more than on this one :) Really think its superior technology behind it, and even better the artist gets paid in the second the song is played and can dispose the earnings it. Join us and get paid per play!

Great article, I have only recently uploaded track and it is amazing how the platform works, interesting to see a mjor player involved, i had no idea.

Great article. I also think musicoin is a part of the future for musicians and their way of building slow and steady feels solid.

exciting times for the humble musician

Musicoin’s idea is great but I still miss 1) seeing their roadmap, 2) seeing their team, 3) playlists!!! last time I saw them mention playlists on Twitter, they asked whether we agree that it be a paid feature! Are you kidding me? They need to make the platform as userfriendly as possible and not deter people with paid playlists begore the platform evern works properly!

Yes they have made a few mistakes along the way but it is still in beta. Playlists will come.

I think they are just such a small team that they are struggling to communicate with us hence the Ambassador programme.

I agree that the lack of communication has not been ideal but hopefully that will now improve.

Amazing post....I use musicoin as well...i have been spreading the word around my city to get more people involved...Every independent artist should be investing in that platform as well as yours....and steemit...I am looking forward to the future of these platforms

Thank you very much!

Yes it's up to us to spread the word. They don't have a huge marketing budget.

I do marketing....and have a marketing team...so i will be doing a lot of promotion when i get more free time

Bit late to the party but I cannot agree more on the topic and the conclusions you draw John! I like the Google comparation aswell.

Well the party is still going so come on in!

Oh and thanks so much for your resteem

I realize this article is 5 months old, but do you still feel this way after discovering Choon? =)

I haven't done much research on Musicoin lately, but I kind of felt like I didn't have to either, after hearing you get a token instantly when someone plays your track. That's an incentive to make shorter tracks, and doesn't properly distribute value fairly in any way.

I also think the streaming platform that will make it in the end, needs to be commercially driven. Hard to compete with Spotify based on passion alone.

I have to be honest and say that I am pretty disappointed with Musicoin. It had so much promise but the site hardly ever works and there is no communication from the team. The response always seems to be that it is in beta and good things are coming. A lot of damage is being done to their reputation at the moment.

I hope I am wrong and this is just the new way of doing things by having a small and lean team working on it for the love of it but it doesn't seem that way at the moment.

I'm still watching it with interest from a distance!

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