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Hello friends and fans!

The votes are in, the community has decided. The first week of MusicForSteem was one to never forget and we hope you all liked it as much as we did. I can go on for a couple of minutes to build the tension, but we both know that you already scrolled down to see the


Music for steem week1.jpg



@juliolunar with Three little birds by Bob Marley

First place wins:

25 STEEM from @drugwars
10 STEEM from @steemingcurators
100% upvote from @steemcurator02
60% upvote from @steemcurator01
Prizes will be distributed shortly


@danieldedosd2 with Tocar Tu Piel

The second wins:

17 STEEM from @drugwars
7 STEEM from @steemingcurators
75% upvote form @steemcurator02
40% upvote from @steemcurator01

Third place is

@rypo01 with Si una Vez

The third wins

8 STEEM from @drugwars
5 STEEM from @steemingcurators
50% upvote from @steemcurator02
20% upvote from @steemcurator01


The 4th spot was an ex aequo between @cmp2020 & @esouthern3 AND @leomolina! The community votes made the final decision. YOUR VOTE COUNTS


50% Upvote XTRA from @steemcurator02

To celebrate the FULL Venezuelan podium, my respect:


As you have noticed, the competition is fierce and was super impressed by ALL the performances. But it is a contest, so code is law! We hope you are happy with the chosen winners!

Tomorrow, we will post an update with the received votes from the members of the jury, and how the votes of the community were counted. And an extra rule we implemented to make this ALSO so fair as possible. (non-active accounts didn't count for example). Also, we like to have your input to make this contest even BETTER! All suggestions are welcome.

We also want to ask you IF we should make the members of the jury public and if we should make their points public. (we didn't so far because otherwise, people might influence the jury :))

We have now 7 jury members from nearly all over the world. But like to get 3 more to make it even more fair! If you are from: New-Zealand, Australia, Asia, or North America, please join the @steemingcurators on discord and chat with @ciska to apply for Jury Member of Music For Steem!


A proud collaboration between @steemingcurators and @vdc

See you next week!

by @seo-boss and free to use by the community


MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK 2 @yonilkar-Afternoon walk

My submission

Twitter share

Felicitaciones a todos mis hermanos Venezolanos que se encuentran en el Podio, VIVA VENEZUELA @juliolunar Lo mereces estimado... @danieldedosd2 Muy bueno... ÉXITOS Y BENDICIONES.

Congratulations to all my brothers Venezuelans who are on the Podium, VIVA VENEZUELA @juliolunar You deserve it dear ... @ danieldedosd2 Very good ... SUCCESS AND BLESSINGS.

Congratulations to you too! 3rd spot is AMAZING!! Muy bien cariño y hasta la próxima semana! ¡Vámonos! X

Muchas gracias, muy halagador y amable comentario... ❤️❤️ Rumbo a la semana #2

Muchas gracias igual para ti...

Congratulations to all the participants and everyone feel like a winner. Without a doubt an excellent contest and a wonderful job on the part of the organizers. Go ahead with the good work. STEEM ON

Thank you for your kind words! It is AMAZING to read all the responses! STEEM ON! Much love

Gnat competition - great winners, congratulations to all participants

Thanks and happy you like it Kiwi! Btw, I need a judge from that side of the planet actually. If you or any other Kiwi wants to be one, you know how to find me :)

yep i can do that - will contact you later on discord

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes, suerte para la próxima a los no ganadores y a los ganadores que disfruten su premio.

Un abrazo gigante... Gracias por dedicarle cariño a estos proyectos.

Congratulation for the WINNERS.... Life VENEZUELA... go talent. Week two is open NOW.

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes mi gente, en verdad es muy motivador ver tu nombre entre los ganadores, y espero que los compañeros que participaron, sin excepción, no se sientan perdedores este es solo el comienzo y debemos prepararnos desde ya para la segunda puesta en escena. Felicidades Julio por ese premio y te confieso que desde que te escuché no tenia dudas...

¡Felicidades! El segundo lugar es asombroso. Muy alta calidad de los competidores y esto es muy bueno para el concurso. Seguro que no son perdedores, siento que todos han ganado algo esta semana. ¡Te veo la proxima semana!

Buenas tardes, @dali13 Interpretando el piano para ustedes con mucho amor y cariño, espero que les guste:

Congratulations to the Hispanic community demonstrating as always that it is talented and one of the most numerous on the platform. Thank you for believing in this project and there are the results. Thanks to the accounts @steemingcurators and @ciska for their valuable contribution in getting the music back on steem. Let everyone know that the Venezuelans won the first Music for Steem contest. CONGRATULATIONS...let's celebrate the party started with week 2


En horabuena la comunidad hispana demostrando como siempre que tiene talento y una de las más numerosas de la plataforma. Gracias por creer en este proyecto y allí están los resultados. Gracias a las cuentas @steemingcurators y @ciska por su valiosa contribución en poner en marcha nuevamente la música en steem. Que todos se enteren que ganaron los venezolanos el primer concurso Music for Steem. FELICITACIONES...celebremos la fiesta comenzó con la semana 2

Ver el post de los resultados en español acá:

Acá les dejo mi participación del #musicforsteem semana 2 @steeingcuraitors @vdc, espero lo disfruten

You are with many indeed! Hopefully, more people will jump the bandwagon this week! It was amazing and the kind words from everyone were super super motivating! Muchisimas gracias :)

Ya hemos corrido la voz y voces maravillosas se están alistando...

congratulations to the winners! i look forward to thw next contest.

And I'll post the Nigerian dialect translations.. thanks for all the innovations, STEEM ON!

Thanks for participating and I cant wait to see your next performance! You will grow your skills every single week! The contest will also diversify in different leagues in the near future! Stay Tuned

thank you, and i also await to the winner of the NEW WRITING CHALLENGE on CHARITY

Good work bro on rep-ing Nigeria

We also upvoted the winners with @steemcurator02 If we already voted their last post, we picked a random post or comment. Thanks @drugwars for the donation.

Great work and great winners!

Winners votes now awarded.

The Steemit Team

JAAAAA! felicidades hermana @rypo01 ar loviuuu <3<3<3<3<3<3 ^-^

por acá dejo mi participación para la ronda 2

¡Graciiiias y Suerteeeee!

Hermoso tema, ❤️ interpretación

Muchas gracias bonita ^-^

Here is my entry to the contest in its second edition. If you use Dtube to upload your video remember to also upload a link from YOUtube to be able to see them more easily.

Acá mi entrada al concurso en su segunda edición. Si usas Dtube apra cargar tu video recuerda también subir un enlace de YOUtube para poder verlos con mayor facilidad.

FELICITACIONES A TODOS LOS PARTICIPANTES. ME UNO A LA OPINIÓN DE ripo01. viva Venezuela. estamos en todas partes haciéndonos sentir

Gracias, vámonos!

Great and congratulations, lovely contest

yes very right.

Wow! Congrats to all the winners and contestants! Let's see more of you in the second week. I wish I can sing well now, haha 😅

Felicitaciones a todos los compatriotas que ganaron... acá me sumo a la invitación del prof. @gaborockstar a esta competencia a quien debo también su ayuda para con mi persona.

Acá mi participación en este concurso con un tema especial dedicado a un amigo fallecido recientemente. Gracias por la oportunidad.

Thank's t @steemingcurators and @vdc community

Lindo cover! Suerte.

Hermosa canción!! Gracias por compartirla con nosotros, mucha suerte en el concurso.

Hola a todos... espero se encuentre muyyyyyy bien... por acá dejo mi entrada para la semana #2...

¡ÉXITOS Y BENDICIONES para todos... !

congratulations! You all deserve these prizes. Wonderful

Here is my entry to the contest in its second edition. I Hope You Enjoy It ^^

Con este vídeo me sumo al concurso #musicforsteem en su semana número 2 Espero que lo disfruten!

That is wonderful project and my Congratulation both to participants and winners! Great job and please keep this project running!!!

Congratulations all of winners...


Waiting for the next episode....
Have a good day...

You too and thanks!

Muchas gracias @nevlu123 igualmente que tengas un día exitoso.

@juliolunar Congratulations......

Congrats to all winners! Excited to see the new entries for the 2nd round. Cheers guys!

우승자 모두모두 축하해요~~

여러분의 의견에 감사드립니다. 한국 음악도보고 싶습니다!


I have share with another platform.





Very well deserved. congratulations for the winning.

We think the same, thanks!

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¡Congratulations, great work!

Primero que nada: quiero felicitar a los ganadores de la primera semana del concurso, todos son excelentes!!!.

Me siento feliz al compartir con ustedes mi primera entrada para la semana #2.. por aquí les dejo mi link, Exitos para todos!.

This is one of the many things i have experience om steemit and its great. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks steemit

congratulations to the winners
hip hip hoary guys i miss that 20steem and am hoping to be part of the winners next time i love u steemit
keep on your good work

I found the choice of the winner's box very fair.

I warmly congratulate the podium members and especially want to send a message of full support to @steemingcurators, @vdc and @ciska.

My thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and @drugwars for their valuable support.

I am sure that next week we will have many more participants: So we must be watchful!

My pleasure.

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