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There are many ways to discover music; The method of pure luck seems to be mine this week. I count two discoveries today which came on my path by pure luck; I was not looking for anything; They were presented to me through an interview on the radio and through an advertisement. One is a violinist with an incredible sound. The other is a small cinematographic pop-ish band.

copyright Noa Wildschut source original photograph

The violinist, Noa Wildschut, is around for a good number of years and the piece I share with you below, is recorded 4 years ago, at the age of 13.


I do not seem to find many words tonight. Not able to stop listening to her recordings, I can only advise you to hit the play button below and join the experience.

Artist: Noa Wildschut
Performance: César Franck, Violin Sonata
Year: 2014
Country: Netherlands

source youtube


I Allegretto ben moderato
II Allegro-Quasi Lento- Tempo 1
III Recitativo- Fantasia
IV Allegretto poco mosso

Artist Music

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Artist Website


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Thanks for your contribution. The "luck" has presented me to César Franck !!!

Yep! :)

I certainly rely on the luck method as well! It is like hanging out with the right people in high school and their music rubs off via osmosis.

Great find!

I suppose what we like will come on our paths more or less automatically.

Luck often works for me but not always - sometimes I go to Spotify and under the 'reccomendations' just pick the first band/artist that I like the name of!

That is kinda luck as well when finding something really interrsting :)

Yeah its a bit hit and miss but I found a few gems this way

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Its a great thing when we get things that we love.

Definitely people have the talent.

But it often become difficult to find out them.

Talented people are capable of catching talented peoples.

However you got someone who is talented and extraordinary, she is cute also.

May be luckily You got her or you love finding out extraordinary people. And she is one of them.

Not sure how luck works, but I'm unconsciously drawn to what I call quality. Most of the time I get triggered by music, is when I don't look for it. Whatever I hear I may have forgotten instantly, but the good stuff I seem to pick up though.

Music always triggers our soul.

Music is essential part of life for those who really understands that.

In my teenage I was felled in love with those musics that were capable of creating imagination.

All musics are not a sign of talent, but talented one we have to pickup.

True that! :)

Beautiful! 🎶❤️

I'm glad you like it! :)