Why Ryuichi Sakamoto 'Plankton' at the Border?

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Since a few days - maybe a week - it is absolute silence at the border of North and South Korea. Ok, Ok, maybe not as absolute as the word suggests, but the speakers of both nations are silenced. No propaganda anymore; From both sides!


speakers system at the Korean borders | copyright nrt24 [source]

This silence gives an opportunity!

An opportunity to connect through sound, rather than fight each other with sound. So, I started to go through my music collection to figure out what sound would serve the purpose and figured the super minimalistic album "Plankton" by Sakamoto could do this trick.

copyright Ryuichi Sakamoto

First of all, this album has a super chill atmosphere, so this should calm everybody down.

Secondly, it is not a straightforward album and requires energy to get into it; Energy that cannot be used for negative emotions.

Thirdly, it is an album one can invent and create entire stories around; Stories one can share with each other, therefore providing food-for-talks.

And last but not least, I think it is a super cool album and love it!

My promise: When the North and South Koreans decide to play this album, I will get myself a plane ticket get the full experience myself.

Will You Join Me?

Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Album: Plankton
Year: 2016
Country: Japan

source youtube spotify



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Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. I live in Korea and I love silence and I love this music. But if you are serious about being the first music out of those speaker you had better base the music on Arirang the Korean folk song because that is what will be playing if the propaganda is finished.

I was and am serious-ish; I take your word wrt to your suggestion. How cool would it be when it would be possible to play music all you in both Koreas will like!

Check the north and south live footage of the meeting 2 days ago. There are some favorite songs. Arirang is probably number one. You may have a chance if you have military connections.

Not so much into military connections.

I’d go for the Tony Takitani soundtrack

That is for sure a good one!