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Hi @fyrstikken no te suena para nada mal el español, se te nota la pasion que sientes al cantar esta cancion. Un saudo

Tu español está muy bien, a mi mama le encanta está canción lol.


gracias. fue agradable de leer


Ricardo is not everyone's cup of tea lol, a lot of people think his songs are too edgy and have gotten even edgier and worse over the years, I'm pretty neutral on him, I like a few of his songs but wouldn't call myself a fan or anything like that.


I can understand that. Hit makers like him get over exposed and I guess it is hard to come up with new material that is better than what he has made before. I also like only a few songs of him.

Impressive ! Didn’t know you could sing in Spanish


Yeah, living in latin america for almost a decade has made the language sneak up on me. Just having fun with it :) thanks for the comment!


My pleasure:)

Recorded in a Red Room, @fyrstikken? ;)

I am your follower sir..

Your pep talk inspired me to GO for hollywood go big or go hoime!

I need a custom leather steemjacket bro hahah u DESERVE AN ORCHESTRA behind u bro!!!!!


Im gonna make STEEM MOTORCYCLE CLUB jackets hahaha Urs will say PRESIDENT and @inertia can have like "Developer" and wellhave all these amaizng titles and roles and the different chapters on teh back :D


I am a passive member of another outlaws mc club, HA is mostly Harley people and I respect their global organization.

Ya te convertiste en un latino, aquí la gente se vuelve loca por el karaoke xD

hablas bastante bine el idioma español @fyrstikken no te habia escuchado nunca hablar español ni siquiera en SteemSpeak

¡Bravo! Tenia mucho tiempo sin escucharlo amigo... Recuerdo que cuando entre a la plataforma fue usted quien me dio la primera gran impresión con el tema de la pelicula del Rey Leon... Esta, tampoco le queda mal. Le mando un fuerte abrazo xD

do you really like ricardo arjona?
in my opinion, is not the best songwriter in spanish....

you should check out Luis Miguel or Cristian Castro or Alejandro Sanz....those are waay better, in my humble opinion.

@fyrstikken, me encanto tu version, con mucho corazón y sentimiento, gracias por compartir este tema en español.