The "Milennial Whoop" And The Decline Of Pop Music

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There are a lot of wonderful musicians active on Steemit, as well as in my favorite community @helpie, trying to get their work noticed, monetized even. And it's a wonderful platform to do that and also an alternative to the regular music-industry that seems ruled by old money.

I don't take enough time to listen to my friends and other Steemian-misicians, but every time I do I'm blown away by the amount and quality of the talents gathered here. And they're all so accesable to: I just had a wonderful, quite philosophic discussion about Steemit economics with the greatly talented violinist & singer & songwriter @silentscreamer; if you like the violin and want to see a professionally produced song by her, please watch her latest contribution to @openmic week 87 here, as well as the other great contributions.

Best Album of All Time? - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. source: Flickr

These are all real people who have real passion for their art. I'm convinced that is the main reason why I'm constantly so pleasantly surprised by not only the musicians, but by almost all artists, philosophers, crypto-maniacs, home-steaders, lifestyle bloggers, dTube vloggers and what have you on this here blockchain... :-) Although the money is great, I believe their first and foremost goal is the same as mine: build a community with other real people who some day maybe show their appreciation for your contribution in whatever specific niche your interests lie. If not money, but a burning passion to create or try something new or provide a new perspective on something old, and a subsequent need to share it, are the primary driving factors for your actions, something beautiful can be born.

And since such a large portion of my new Steemian friends are artists, and a large portion of them are musicians, this YouTube video by Thoughty2, caught my attention. Also because his approach is somewhat scientific, and I like that :-) He discusses in a very poignant manner the decline in the overall quality of popular music. Now I know it's not intuitive to try and scientifically explain something that seems so personal as musical tastes or preferences. But for me, partially because of what I experienced here on Steemit and in @helpie, his explanation seems legit. If you've never seen it yet (the video is from 9 months ago, but I only saw it first a couple moths ago and only now got reminded by @silentscreamer because of the discussion we just had), please watch it:

The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

Music is not something I know a lot about; I know what I like and what I don't like, and rest assured, I like ka lot of what he describes as bad music also. But that's just it; here on Steemit everything is so darned authentic and real, and I enjoy that real sh*t A LOT! But all his points make sense in my mind...

After watching this video, I did a google search on "decline of pop music", and saw in the many search results repeated the points Thoughty2 makes in the video... So, I ask all music loving and music producing fellow Steemians to react to this video. Not only here, it would be great if you acknowledge Thoughty2's work by visiting his page and give him some love. But I'm really, really curious what your opinion is, musicians!


If you're craving some real quality music after listening to the video, here's a list of great talents you might want to listen to, in no particular order:

@yidneth - Angelic voice, beautiful person, even does live adaptations of great Anime music!!
@paintingangels - A voice so tender you break while listening to it, also great with the pen and camera!!
@nathankaye - Writes my absolute favorite lyrics and won the last Open Mic that's linked at the start of this post!!
@silentscreamer - As mentioned above; her songs match or maybe even surpass her superb debating-skills!!
@lillywilton - Sent from another planet to teach us what art is (thanks for that accurate description @meno)!!
@zipporah - Maybe the wisest musician you'll ever meet, and that voice... that voice... Plays the banjo to!!
@juanhobos - Stole my heart at last Open Mic; this song just grows on you even if you don't understand Spanish!! Or is it Portuguese?
@chbartist - Lately invited to a big national radio show in his country, and I love him for his lifestyle-advice posts!!
@pechichemena - The only musician of the "Porculine" persuasion you'll ever meet, but has the voice of an angel!!
@dinoromanelli - Another passionate musician who also does music reviews!!
@meno - The founder of @helpie who gathered these and o so much other great people around him to create the warmest, most authentic online community I have ever experienced.

I did not mention a lot of them; it would be nigh impossible to be complete by now as we grow quite big thanks to the passionate work of our scouts. But I do know they're all here because of the passion they have for their art or craft and provide quality content.

So I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to contact one of our scouts (like @paintingangels mentioned below) if you think you can contribute with quality content. You don't have to be a musician for that of course, or I wouldn't be here.. ;-)

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I am a proud helpinaut! @Helpie is looking for new members! Helpie has been growing nicely and we are always on the lookout for new valuable members. We are very supportive and community oriented. If you would like to be scouted for @helpie , please drop a comment on THIS POST or contact @paintingangels on discord at paintingangels(serena)#3668.

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This IS an unbelievably GREAT POST! for me personally. I have been a pro musician 40 years and have a son with perfect pitch on a musical scholarship to play classical violin. I thought as an artist I was supposed to look at reality and reflect it back. Only to find out everyone's (most) free will has been compromised to the extent that like Morpheus said "they'll die defending it". I have said for years that consciousness has been weaponized and it's our media first. I would suggest Preston Nichol's book Music of Time. Preston used to work for a defense contractor that landed him the tech at Montauk. Deep deep story...there are several books by Peter Moon and a movie about Montauk....He later worked for a mastering lab that learned how to put basically mind-control on a tape-head and they tested it with a phone number, like embedding a phone number in a song and have it be called when they played the song on the radio. Bizarre but true. There is something profound about life that those in control would rat5her us not know. It's OurSelves. And music is an intervening field! One of frequency to mostly water (us). Just my initial thoughts and I will visit the other person in the video above as well. Thanks for your post and YOU DON"T PLAY? Wow, check out my channel. I'm all about playing if you like it. I'm very glad to have come across this post!


Wow, that is bizarre, and I will look into this when I get the chance. Everything is vibration, some people say and in a way everything is; even Nikola Tesla was convinced of that and even thought (did?) he could get free energy by tapping the Earth's frequency (somewhere around 8Hz if I remember correctly)... And we are 99% water-molecules and water has been shown in several experiments to react to different kinds of music and emotions... Who knows how deep this particular rabbit-hole really goes..? I certainly don't, but as I said: it's interesting and important enough to at least take a second look at :-)

Thanks so much for this well thought out comment and the compliment, @markaustin; I wish you and also your son every bit of succes in your musical careers you can get :-)


thank you so much and your reading into it.....I say the big secret about tesla is that fractal frequencies would make us not age! which is where it was going ultimately :-)


thank you so much and your reading into it.....I say the big secret about tesla is that fractal frequencies would make us not age! which is where it was going ultimately :-)

I cant believe i missed this. :(
Well thank you for the mention and the lovely words. You really added some amazing people on your list.
Some of them i do not know so ill definitely be checking them out.
Thx again :D

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This is such a cool surprise!! Thanks so much @illuminati-inc and @curie; this means a lot to me!!

Interestingly enough, that very same YouTube video showed itself in my cue last night and I skipped over it. Now that I read your article, I'll be sure to give it a view. Thanks!