I became a huge X fan in a very short period of time. Although Juice definitely had more of an impact on me(probably just because of the timing), out of the three I mentioned in this post, all of which had a lot to offer, X has impressed me so much musically. His ability to switch up genres and work with new instruments is incredible for such a young kid. His album ? is also really good.

And no need to apologize! I love comments I can actually respond to because it's rare for me here on Steemit. A lot of the friends I made when I first joined have seemed to have fallen off the site. It's a long, long story, part of the landlord BS I was talking about in that other personal post; but my old landlord has my real computer right now. I'm using an old computer that hadn't been turned on in years until the other day when I went and bought a charger, just praying it would still start. I was amazed when it did. Anyways, the point is, the thing can't handle discord. And, my phone is equally a piece of shit, and also can't handle discord, haha. So, for the meantime, I probably won't be using it until I get my computer back

Well, I really hope you can get it back. I already want to give that landlord the whack of his life. Such an awful person. I don't think I'll ever forgive the threath to your doggie and you.

I'll keep commenting whatever crosses my mind then, until you join Discord hahaha

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