Fortified- wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion

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Bonnie Legion and I have released 4 Albums since we started working together. Now we're drawing from our Roots and working on an acoustic Album. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Pink Floyd and Metallica inspired me to pick up the guitar. The guitar riffs on 'Fortified' have a Zeppelin vibe and Bonnie @soundlegion heard that and delivers an amazing performance and lyrics to capture this perfectly.

Here's our other acoustic songs to date


'At Your Feet'

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Impressive collection of music!

Thanks so much for listening @melinda010100 (72)

cara @wav-dr, it is the first time I find your post in steemit and I have to tell you that I really like your music :-)) in particular the first version is my favorite !! Did you manage to make music your job? yours is a great talent
continue and congratulations on your curie evaluation

Thanks so much for your amazing comment @road2horizon (70). I am trying to make the shift to a full time musician. In our area the pay is super low for Performers and it's also saturated with music teachers. So I run a Construction Company and write and record after work. But I'll never stop trying. Mega blessings from Canada.

Hi wav-dr,

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Thanks so much for your support @curie

Hello Hello!

I am honest, I love this song, I really love it because the emotion ran through my veins

Greetings from Venezuela♡♡♡

Thank you so much for your awesome comment @iamsaray. Blessings back from Canada

wow wow what a wonder! I love all. Driven is a beautiful song. A big hello @wav-dr

Thank you so much @marcybetancourt . Blessings from Canada.

It has been an absolute ride my friend. Incredible

@soundlegion you are constantly upping your skills and your game. I didn't think that was possible considering you're so damn good but yet you do. I am truly honoured to work with you. Brick by brick.

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