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I am listening to Owl City's Fireflies and it's on repeat as I write this. I don't know how to explain what the song does to me but it is something good. Anytime I hear its beat, I suddenly feel like I can do anything.

Owl City Fireflies on Youtube

I would say this song is among my top 20 favourite songs of all time. There's just something about the hook and chorus that just makes me want to jump and scream.

The song is a song you'd seat on a bike and spread your arms with your eyes shut to. It is the kinda song, you'd dance in the rain to. It is a song that you'd walk in the darkest of night to and you won't feel fear or worry because you can do anything, let them come. Lol

I don't know if I am explaining this succinctly but I don't put too many songs on repeat. I might enjoy a song and maybe place it on repeat for three or four turns but I have never played a song this long. It was my 2017 jam and it is still hitting strong in my sweet spot if you know what I mean.

Weirdly though, unlike in John Bellion's case whose albums I have pursued and gathered, I have never given any other Owl City song a listen. I have never tried to download it, to buy it, to even transfer it from a friend. I guess I am focused on just this one song. Is that a bad thing? Maybe you can recommend one. I love guitar riffs though.

Did I tell you that it makes me write good stuff too? Oh yes, Fireflies is one of my top writing jams. Put it on and am gone. I have written pretty cool poems while listening to this song and there have been days, when I, alone, depressed and empty, smoking a stick or getting drunk, have found solace in this song's strength.

There are few songs that give me this much energy. Maybe Eminem's Spend Some Time or Tupac's Only God Can Judge Me, can give me such vibe. Yes and Snowy White's Midnight Blues.

If you have listened to the songs I just mentioned, you will know that the beats are mad, I mean they are beautifully crafted. I do not see a song as great until I can marry the lyrics and the beats together.

What I usually do is I take the parts of the song apart; guitar strings, drums, keyboards and all the other instruments used to create the sound. I listen to them individually then I put them into the song and locate their contribution to the overall essence of the music. I don't know if I am making sense?

I do this not on an app or software but with my ears while the song is playing. I basically isolate a sound in the song and let the other parts fade away. I don't know if you understand what I mean but I actually discovered it while smoking weed. Yes Mary Jane ma'am.

While high on good weed one time , I listened to Eminem's Spend Some Time With Me and I separated the sounds when the beauty of the beat hit me. It went beyond the craziness of rap that is Eminem. In that song, if you listen closely, you'd realize that a new sound was added in each new verse. It was amazing and still is.

I think this has become a rant. I will stop here. I just wanted to share Owl City Fireflies with you all one more time. Give it a listen if you haven't. Feel the bass and go for a freeing run. You won't regret it; Promise.


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