D W E L L - An Electronic Soundscape by Rokaia

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Hi Steemians,

I am a composer and music producer based in Ireland. My compositional style engages limitations that set experimental performance aspects, tied to a production style that mainly uses vocal processing and layering techniques.

I would like to introduce this soundscape from my debut release "See | Dwell" - This time last year I was smothered with work trying to mix my tracks, but now I'm really proud of this piece.

These are the links to all of my social media. If you're on any of these, don't be shy, drop a follow and comment your own link - I love to get to know the community!

  • Click HERE for my Insta 📸

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Pleasure of having you here, welcome to steemit for sure you will enjoy sharing your talent with our co steemian. =)

Ooo, it has that cinematic soundscape thing going on. Pretty cool. You should put this on Artopium! :D Anyway, I upvoted and resteemed because I like it!

Thank you so much @artopium, cinematic is just what I was going for! :) :) And yes do you mean https://www.artopium.com/? I will definitely sign up for this it looks right down my alley!

That would be awesome! Artopium.com is my baby and I really want to get some ~good~ content on there, so if you sign up it would mean a lot to me. And of course I'll help promote your works!

AAh brilliant stuff! What a great sounding project - I will definitely sign up today!! :) :)

Hey! Absolutely awesome that you are using steemit as a way of sharing your music. Good for you! Wishing you a lot of luck with this platform :-)

Thank you so much, @yasminep!! I really hope it works out :) Best wishes!!

Welcome wallflowerpunch, the more time I spend here the more I think that the overall architecture of this platform is truly amazing.

Sometimes it's so difficult to hear the human voice be distorted and changed. There's so much sorrow in it. But this is beautiful, with the soothing effects you have applied. Really haunting.

What tools are you using to create this? I was imagining how much work it would have taken with tape and looping (the way I learned to do electronic composition in grad school).

Brilliant! More music!

Thanks so much, @drkent. I always want to push the boudaries with my production, go where nobody else will.

That's awesome! Where did you go to grad school? I recorded my vocals and used the loop function on the TC HELICON Voicelive 2 (My baby) - but I actually did a lot of this manipulation digitally using Ableton Live software.

More music is on the way - thank you!

Hey! Thanks for the note :)

I went to grad school at Stony Brook University. Got my MA and PhD in composition there. Daria Semegen was my electronic music professor / she is brilliant, and is a pioneer / especially a genius on the Buchla (which I had a chance to also work with).

I would like to use Ableton at some point / I've heard a lot of people say great things about it.

Hi! I’m Gutzygwin, glad to meet you.
Welcome to the steemit community.
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Thanks... My earliest posts on Steemit were all about my music, but I completely gave up hope because they got no views or up votes.. It was really discouraging, so I just began posting more generic blogs about cryptocurrencies etc, whatever was hot on the scene… But I'm looking forward to blogging about music only from here on in...

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