Sing? ;)

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Hello Steemit! :)

Most recently I met on the Internet, by chance, with a beautiful girl Valeria, who has an amazing timbre of voice and knows how to sing. I listened to several songs in her performance, appreciated and understood that this is the person I need to work together in the music field. He offered to help her, she willingly agreed to participate. We took a long time to choose a song for the cover, eventually settled on almost the classics performed by Bob Dylan - Knocking on heavens door.

I asked a friend of the photographer to make a video for us, and after a while we recorded our work. I want to show you that in the end it turned out, it's very interesting to know the opinion of everyone who will look;)

Do you think we should write another song? :)
❤Thank you for attention!❤

Sorry for my breacking english))


she has a nice voice, and yes yes write a song just dont post to much :)

both of you look promising - u really should make some own songs - keep us updated!

i love your music hope you will do a new one soon.

Thanks, dude :))

Maybe, maybe)) thanks!)

why not, we make it a combined blog.. happy hardcore meets new singers

Good, i need more time

No problem, cant'wait to hear it..

Wow her voice is heavenly

goodstuff ...talented for sure ..good luck.. i dont think you need it though

ooo)) thank you so much ;)

This is beautiful.

Wow she's very talented. Beautiful voice!

lovely voice! nice acoustic!

Love the video, she has a beautiful voice! :)

Go to say Brilliant rendition Vic and Valeria all the way Steem On !!! will Upvote if I can

Thank you! we tried our best)))

Lovely !!

Very nice voice, and nice smile as well :)

Very good duo :)

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cool!!!)) thank you so much!!)

You are very welcome :)

My new video))
Check this)

Excellent both, she has a very sweet and warm voice

Nice) thank you))

Right on! The sister has talent!

Congratulations @vikfrei
You took 69 place in my Top 100 of posts

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