Dance Weekend - what is hot in Bulgaria

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Dance Weekend with some Bulgarian moves

Steemians - since I am in Bulgaria still and we have Dance Weekend let us have a look into some local music - some may like, some not I aware. Not a lot music is published here from Eastern Europe or I simply miss it. Most of the ones following me know I post a lot about Bulgaria as I consider this as my second home, wife comes from Burgas and I spend at least 4 weeks per year in this great country like right now.

Chalga - controversy music style

Bulgaria also "owns" a special music scene which is either loved or hated across the region - called Chalga (my wife hates it!). I am not evaluating the style and the background as I am not a scientist specialised for society matters, hence I aim just to introduce this to you - I personally the style is mainly linked to the US Hip Hop style combined with local Folk elements.

Chalga can be described as music / dance / folk genre common across many South Eastern European countries. Basically this genre originated from Bulgaria and is a ethno-pop with influences from Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Romani, Albanian and Russian music usually including hot topics- sex. Just watch the videos by some of the Top Stars from Bulgaria.

Gery-Nikol - young talent

The entry video is by a young talent that also performs in English - Gery-Nikol Nikolaeva Georgieva rose to fame in late 2014 after participating in the third season of the singing competition X Factor Bulgaria. Her style is linked too rap and she sees Rihanna as her main idol and influence.

Gloria - established star

This lady is a super star in Bulgaria and they call her “The Queen of Pop-Folk” - she is extreme successful in terms of sales and awareness combining (others should judge that): talent, creativity, high class, diligence, remarkable professionalism, tenacity, and will. She is one of the overall most successful artists of the country and performs also abroad - outside Bulgaria.

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Ich frage mich gerade, worüber ein Bulgare im Deutschland-Urlaub schreiben würde. Helene Fischer? :-o


Hmmm - gute Frage - kann sein - nicht sicher ob dies besser ist wie über die "Titel Hosen oder Scorpions" - würde mir aber wünschen er schrieb über Paul van Dyk oder Sven Väth - schätze aber eher über modern Talking..... ach ich weiss es nicht :-).


Peter Fox vielleicht ? Mindenstens, eine Bulgarin könnte über ihn schreiben :-)

Die Bulgaren sind Weltmeister im Produzieren von diesen Chalga-Pop-Musikvideos 😄

Toller Einblick in eine für uns weitgehend unbekannte Szene. Gefällt mir gut! Habe mich aber immer schon für solche "Vermischungen" interessiert.


Danke für den Kommentar - als ich die Musik zum ersten mal hörte war es schon "anders" - aber inzwischen find ich manche Sachen schon spannend. Die Videos sind z.T. extrem aufgebaut - aber als Mann kann man da auch kaum wegschauen :-). Ist aber ein Querschnitt durch die Gesellschaft dort.


Ich fands sofort gut.. ok, die Mädels machen es einem auch wirklich leicht ;-) Mag "Balkan" sowieso gern, grad auch im Mix wie z.B. "dunkelbunt".

War im Juni in Serbien und durfte das erste mal in eine Welt jenseits von Kroatien eintauchen. Für mich absolut faszinierend. Besonders auch die Musik... auch wenn ich keine der Interpreten kannte... noch auch nur eine(n) nennen könnte..


Ich auch - bin jedes Jahr dort - früher mit Auto durch den "kompletten" Balkan gefahren, war spannend mit den Grenzkontrollen. Kroatien muss ich mal länger bleiben demnächst.

That is awesome!!

Здравей аз Ники и голяма почитателка съм ти Даже в момента пея песента много се за Много се вълнувам Искам някой път да дойдеш аз събуждам около вече като стане 17 септември ще се че те виждам в седем часа Седем ще си мисля че ще ходя наистина 17 март Много съм ти голяма фенка наистина на 17 септември много Аз вече 17 март то трябва 17 септември да кажа се обърках наистина много съм ти почитателка ще натисна към банката да ми пращаш все нови клипове и Това беше от мен Чао аз имам кола Mercedes чао не четеш Mercedes

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excellent dance! enjoy travel

Wow dance weekend ... Really amazing dance moment . Thanks for sharing @uwelang


Nice article and videos. And I think you enjoyed a lot the dance weekend.
I thank you for letting us know about the cultures of Bulgaria. Which are really very good to read.
Every country has their own dancing styles. It’s better to enjoy it instead of pointing out something.
Thanks for this beautiful and informative post.

Nice 👍🏼

I loved the video song from Gloria. May be i heard it before someday but can't remember when. Enjoy your trip :)

Gery-Nikol sounds like a club version of Bulgarian Rihanna :)
Gloria represents more "turkish music style"

Both seems to be somehow interesting for the mainstream, but for the Raving Foxes it is a bit too much ;)


hmmm - not sure on Gloria and "Turkish music style" - when I first heard chalga any Bulgarian pop folk sounded Turkish to me... not sure how deep you are into that style?


Before your post I even didn't know about this music style. Perhaps that is the reason why it was my first thought


Good to know - that explains it - very different music style there and across the region so for my ears it all sounds similar but the music in the entire Balkan region is similar (Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and more).

your post has been very nice