20 Years of Hits in 5 Minutes! | GREATEST HITS MASHUP

in music •  last year  (edited)

40 songs in just under 5 minutes! Can you recognize them all??

All I have to say is...man, this took a while to arrange. Hope you enjoy!

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That is the best video I have seen in the entire week.
You made my day :)
It's so nostalgic...I am surely gonna resteem it so that everyone will get a chance to see this amazing video.
Great job guys


Thanks man that means a lot!!

Wow, this is so incredible. I've been following you for ages and I LOVE your work. But this is really something else. I love how the vocals all flow together beautifully. It must take ages to learn the order of them. As usual, your instrumental talent is on point, and the video quality is amazing. You deserve so much more success on steemit than you are currently getting.


Thanks a lot @choogirl!! I've actually noticed your support over the weeks..appreciate it! It was certainly a challenge, but luckily I got to work with two super talented singers and they got it down pat in just a few days!

Waaao! That's was beyond awesome! You matched up everything so perfectly. I love it.


Glad you enjoyed it @aniekan! 🙏🙏

glad to see that and i follow you , well done

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hello .. I want to contribute something too
Until recently, more or less a decade, the music was much more appreciated than now, the lyrics of the songs had much more sense and listening to music was an art. The technology has had enough influence at the time of acquiring the music but it has also made us forget what it was like to enjoy a passing song on the radio, knowing that at that time we would have to spend a certain time to listen to that song that moved us From the bottom.

even so now we do not have to wait long to listen to our favorite songs again and good times evolve as do the singers and the rhythms, making them more catchy and you could even say that subliminal hehe ... greetings

excelente trabajo.....

Wow, I hope next time you add some Portuguese. Love your voices and the music is awesome!!


Haha thanks @kubbyelizabeth! Believe it or not Nikita is actually Portuguese, so that is certainly a possibility! :D

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You go deep into the 20 year vault. The only thing I'd like to hear that you didn't do is New York State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.


Ahh so many hits we couldn't do! Otherwise we'd have a 50minute song 😂 I'll definitely keep that one in mind though for a part 2!

Good your posting




Ok. Good


I always enjoy listening to music but this was perfect! :D

Well done! I love mash-ups, lol. I have a way easier task, just lasying to tracks over each other live. You had some work on this one. Great job!

It's great and I Like your work.

That's Very Amazing Sound!
Keep It Up! 🎵🎵🎵


Wow! That was amazing! I love your voices, I'd love to get your opinion on my sax cover (vid is on my profile). Keep it up!

OH my gosh that was sooo good!

very good song list... great vocal work