Games Of Thrones - Main Theme - 12 Strings Guitar

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Dear Fellow Steemians,

I just started watching Games Of Thrones a few weeks ago (Yeah I know, I'm late), and this tune began to stay in my head all day, so I decided to make my own arrangement on my 12 strings guitar. I made it by ear on a single rainy day, so it's far from being perfect, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

I hope you'll enjoy!

Merry Christmas by the way!


ahahaha excellent !


Tu m'as tué!

Cracking! Have to admit i've not watch games of thrones but know the tune, this is better in my opinion.

Nice to see you back hope all is well :)

Haha, Im late too but the music GOT still here in my mind! So nice!

Merry New Year!

Amigooo! que bueno verte y con buena musica, saludos amigo, estoy de pasadita, deseo muchas bendiciones para ti y tu familia.

Thank you Karlin :)

Espero ver mas videos seguidos, no te pierdas amigo, y gracias por recordarme. Cuidate mucho.

MERRY CHRISTMAS BRO! What a great gift you have given us... beautiful performance! Feels like an old time Christmas tune! I haven't watched Game of Thrones yet... so you beat me to it!

Hey my friend, thank you! Glad to see you around! Haha, I wasn't watching it until now, because everybody was talking about it, and I thought it was too mainstream. But then I started, and I have to say that's it's actually the best show I've watched until now. ;-)

I feel the same way about very popular shows - but on your recommendation maybe I should check it out.

Haha! Spot on my friend! Love that show! Great rendition of the theme! You say you did it by ear, that's a feat in itself. I think it was pretty damn close. Little more time with it and it'll be perfect T! Enjoyed and thank you! Merry Christmas my friend to you and yours! :)

Hey thank you StillWater! Yes, it came naturally once I found the chords by listening to the original theme. I should try to spend more time on it, to add some effect and make it smoother. If will surely work on it and post a cleaner version soon! (I should get myself a set-up with a microphone too)


I look forward to that! Some small nuances should clean it up nicely! Nice guitar by the way. Sounds wonderful.

Great job my friend, it really is a special tune this one, and you nailed it ;)

I had some fun with it aswell about a year a go :D

Peace ;)

Thank you! Where can I find your version? (on the fingerdrum device?)

This is from when i was just starting with fingerdrumming :)

I need to record an updated version :P

Lovely performance, please take care of that guitar 🎸, it’s gonna be better with it in 2018.

Merry Christmas @troilo

Yes I will take care of it. :)
Thank you!

Merry Christmas to you aswell man, awesome job, better than original :D But watch yourself, Winter is here! :)

Thank you Warrkin! Haha, I made a big ice wall in front of my house to protect myself. I don't plan to go out for the 20 next years anyway. It will let me time to create more content. :-)

Also remember to always keep fire up :D hehehe already looking forward to it! Cheers man :)

Nice man! That sounds really good!!
I have only seen a few episodes too. A few months ago @karensuestudios went on a Game of Thrones binge watch. So I heard that song a lot ! It is a good one.

Thank you! :-)

Anyway, you seem really busy with your passions, it's a good thing that you don't watch it, it's not worth your artist time. ;-) And I have to say it's not really good for the mental health! Haha. Cheers!

Bien joué! Bonne année et joyeuses fêtes mec!

Merci mon ami! A toi aussi!

You are beautiful)

Thank you Polina. ты очень красивая)

Hey man, long time no see. I hope you do well and Merry Christmas!

Yes it's been a long time! Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too!

That's pretty awesome!! Also, lucky you that you can watch all the seasons and not have to wait. I started late too, so I had a lot to watch :)

Hey thank you Val Halla! Yes, and I have to say it's damn cool! :-)

From Nigeria, love you so much.. Great write-up u have. Please follow me back