Music - Memories In A Melody

in #music4 years ago

Music has a way of taking you back, and bringing up memories, both good, and bad. This song is song by Chris Stapleton, and its titled Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore. My dad was never a church going man, but he was a good man, who did right by everyone he knew, and eventhough he didn't go to church, he believed in God.

It's been thirteen years since I lost my dad, and the pain has never faded, I've just learned how to deal with it. Even though I've taught myself how to manage the pain, certain things break through that wall, and the sadness pours out. This song is one of them, so I only listen to it when I'm alone. It's not a negative thing, I just don't like showing my emotion, but it's worth the pain to get to relive the good times.


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