I wouldn't change a thing. I lived to love completely.steemCreated with Sketch.

in music •  last year

Hey I'm Benbrick. A multi-platinum artist and songwriter from London.

I've got some new 🎶 for you. I hope you enjoy!

at the end of everything
shall we say we always tried to try our hardest?

and the walls that we helped break
the love that we both made?
let's call it everything

when the gods are looking up
saying tell me what you know about regret
will you say "i wouldn't change a thing
I lived to love completely" ??

a read a story that said
in ten years you'll regret
the things you didn't do
not the things you did badly
...i thought of you

you said "everybody finds love"
you said "everybody finds love"
in the end.

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Chill song! Did you write it yourself?

What does multi-platinum mean? :P


thanks @acidyo! Platinum (or gold/silver) refers to the level of sales that a song/writer has achieved. See here for more details.
This was a quick recording I did after co writing this song. I put it online after someone asked me on Twitter if there was a version with me singing!


Cool! TIL! Nice accomplishments so far man!

Keep it up! :)


thank u!

Awesome ! Loved it , eep up the great work ! Am now a follower ! Steem On !🎼🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶


2 accounts connected to this author are DV my posts for no apparent reason just so you know.


This was posted 3 months ago , why is it up now !? Also i dont understand or know why you have been getting downvoted ! I wasnt on steemit for while , only sparingly , but im back on more now . I must have missed whats been happening @barrydutton ! I really hope you can straighten this out some how and get your rep. Back ! Or start a new account or something ! All this downvoteing drives me crazy on here ! Its total BS ! And why isnt @ned or steemit doing anything about it ! ?😊


It's not popping up now, I was confused too, just like you... @barrydutton started to bully some lower powered Steemians.

He let off a string of spam comments trying to shame us, going back to posts MONTHS before.

We're the victims here of this distasteful, foul bullying! I'm SO upset right now.

It's got me so upset that someone who is seen well in the eyes of Steemit @barrydutton would be such a bully, for NO REASON!

I feel like I've just been kicked down the Steemit stairs....

Also... to attack a Steemian that gave 1000$ away to charity to try and get the Steem name out there is heartbreaking for me.


Everyones been on edge , i wasnt on much for awhile so i miised alot of the crap , except for the whales and their stupid experiment that seems to have pissed off alot of people , im sure it has alot to do with stuff on here ! Aparently its being worked on, and hard fork 19 will flatten the curve , then the downvotes or flagging should stop !! We can only hope ! 😊

Beautiful work @thisisbenbrick... thanks for sharing your craft with us!

Thanks a lot, this is a good job you've done there. Keep it up, all for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Awesome music, Ben, I liked it!
Upvoted & Followed you as well for more.

Great job! Upvoted and resteemed and followed!!


Cool! The music and the selfie as well :)

This is amazing!! and so effortless :) great work!

I love your music :D Thanks for sharing!