Love is in the air: An improptu jam on Pachelbel's Canon in D in the streets

in music •  3 months ago

Neu Ulm, Germany - 19 August, 2018

During a busking set outside the town hall in Neu Ulm, Germany, an unsuspecting wedding party poured out into the streets. While they were taking their photos with friends and family, we decided to surprise them with a little song dedicated entirely to them. The song is an improv built from the basis of Pachelbel's famous "Canon in D", one of Europe's most famous 'wedding' songs.

The unsuspecting audience came together for a beautiful moment of dedication to the newly weds. Enjoy a beautiful life moment DTubers!

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Very Special time.

It's amazing, man. It made me smile a dozen of times.

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La canción que conozco con ese nombre, la oía yo mucho hace varios lustros, por John Paul Young. Muy bonita y de agradable swing.

What a beautiful detail, for these couple. I loved this original video. Good energy for you and that your success continues to grow.
Good vibes.

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Very interesting

Hello, @thetroublenotes. Excellent video and improvisation, I like music very much and that dedication was phenomenal. May they be happy forever, like you and thank you for your vote in my publication. A hug

My daughter chose that for her wedding. Beautiful music.