Gentrified Gunshots

in music •  4 months ago

This week I have been producing some sample based music.
I had an idea for a message.
It began with a train journey

I'm sat there reading my book, minding my own, then what do you know, some guy starts threatening to get a gun and shoot everyone up on the train. This boy got on at the Casino stop and from the sound of his rant had lost a lot of money. That don't mean you got to shoot up the train dude!

Anyway, I took my frustration and turned it into something positive.
I have the choon link but feel free to get it on soundcloud too.


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Hehe, de_dust2, nostalgic map from Counter Strike Source :) Miss that game. Track is pretty cool, liking the beat, got me bopping, glad you didn't get hurt by that gambling idiot on the train


Thanks nickyhavey, I loved CS, I have it on my steam account but my laptop doesn't perform gfx quick enough so It s not a good experience, once upon a time I 0wn3d that sh1t ! hahaha


Hahaha - Heeeead shooooot!

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