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Merci, Conchita!

Servus and hello everyone! Today is the first day of the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest - and I'm publishing the first of three posts about the ESC. I'll be writing about my home countries' participants from the past, the present - and... well, I can't write about future candidates. Today's topic is.... * drumroll * Austria!

5 facts about Austria's participation in Eurovision

There's a lot to say about Austria's participation in Eurovision - so I decided to pick just five interesting facts. If you'd like to learn how we managed to come in second to last although we received zero points, keep reading ;-)

1) Austria "managed" to get 0 points 4 times...

  • 1962 - "Nur in der Wiener Luft" ("Only in the Viennese Air") by Eleonore Schwarz wasn't received too well and did not get any points.

  • 1988 - Wilfried wasn't particularly successful with his song "Lisa Mona Lisa".

  • 1991 - "Venedig im Regen" by Thomas Forstner was not popular with Europe's voters. Autriche, nul points.

  • 2015 - "I'm Yours" by The Makemakes was (for reasons I don't understand, as it's definitely one of my all-time Eurovision favourites) not successful at all.

  • 2) ... but we only won twice.

    • 1966 - Merci, Udo! The late Udo Jürgens won the Eurovision Song Contest in his third attempt in a row with his song Merci, Chèrie. Thank you for the music, Udo!

  • 2014 - Conchita Wurst rose like a phoenix and won with a powerful, James-Bond-like song. Her success was not only a success for amazing music, but also for the LGBTQ community. Thank you, Conchita!

  • 3) Austria chose to boycott the ESC several times.

    • 1969: The ESC took place in Spain, where Francisco Franco was in power at the time.
    • 1970: Four songs had tied for first place - sever countries chose to opt out. One of them was Austria.
    • 1973-1975: Nobody knows why.
    • 1998: Austria didn't have enough points from the previous years to compete.
    • 2001: Again, Austria didn't have enough points.
    • 2006: Austria didn't enter due to the... erm... mediocre results in previous years. (But there was an entry in 2007 and Austria came in second to last!)
    • 2008: Austria was still upset because of the few votes it had received. But at least the finals were broadcast.
    • 2009: Austria complained that the guidelines for the semifinals were not clear enough - but at least, again, the finals were broadcast.
    • 2010: Apparently, Austria still wasn't too happy about the rules (or the few points?).

    4) How Austria came in second to last with 0 points

    In 2015, when The Makemakes received no points, Austria still didn't come in last: Germany also did not get a single point. Due to the rules of the ESC, the song that was performed earlier in the running order is favoured. (Have I mentioned that The Makemakes are in fact brilliant and would have deserved more points? ;-))

    5) Austria and the UK - a love story

    As of 2017, Austria has given most points - in the grand finals and in the semi finals! - to the UK. And they've returned the favour: Austria has also received most points from the UK. Thanks for your support, Britain! And thanks for your brilliant musicians - most of whom have never entered the Eurovision Song Contest.

    What's your favourite Eurovision song? Who's gonna win this year's finals? Let me know in the comments below!

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    I'm happy to find something about the esc here on steemit :)

    Two of my personal favourites this year (Belgium and Croatia) have already dropped out in the first semi-final, but I really like the Austrian and the Czech participant, too, and think they have good chances to win due to the modern songs that really put you in a good mood. However, like every year the eurovision song contest features a lot of great songs, so there are more where I wouln't mind if they won.
    I just hope my country, Germany, finally gets some points again this year.^^


    Good luck, Germany! I don't think I've listened to your song yet. Looking forward to it! Let's see what is possible without Stefan Raab... ;-) (Or is he still doing the SSDSGPS?)


    Unfortunately he has stepped back from show business all together some years ago.
    However, there are talks about him returning to television (or at least as a producer) with another show, so who knows if he might return to eurovision in the next years. I would enjoy it.


    So would I. Though I understand that he probably needs a retirement more than most people in the showbiz. He must have been working more or less 24/7, given that he had so many projects going on and that he probably still had to maintain a private life somehow.

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    Wollte gerade meinen Anti Eurovision Post neu auflegen :-) - kann es kaum erwarten ob Deutschland 0 oder 1 Punkt erhält diesmal


    Mich hat euer Beitrag sehr an Ed Sheeran erinnert, aber war ganz gut meiner Meinung nach... Anti-Eurovision? So schlimm? Dabei war ja zumindest Ungarn wirklich gut unterwegs. Mal was erfrischend anderes beim Songcontest!