A Music Post - Relative-ly speaking

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Driving to our weekend get away (tis @fempower's birthday) I was mulling over songs in my mind with a family theme.

So relative to my thoughts {wide grin}...and bad pun..

The Temptations - Papa was a Rolling Stone

So that's dad out the way !!

Barbara Streisand - Mother, originally I believe this was penned by John Lennon

SO Mom's gone ... how about the siblings..and we do the brother first...

The Hollies - He ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Right brother is now heading out to lose some weight .... so we move on ....

Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox - Sisters Are doing it for themselves

Hmmmm, Annie Lennox .... methinks I would happily do that sister !!

Moving right along we need to cover someones son .... not literally.. {thinks}

Chicory Tip - Son of my Father

Pearl Jam - Daughter

For the record, all these tunes were plucked from my memory and I tried to ignore my usual artists such as Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen. Feel free to point out some that I could have included

Thanks for the support and hope you enjoyed the tunes !!!

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You've got the family, but what about where they live?

And happy birthday to @fempower!



Thank you kindly for the birthday wishes ...and surprisingly (not) an appropriate GIF. When trying to listen to Madness I get the following "The uploader has not made this video available in your country"....Go figure...


You're very welcome. 😊

And, dang it! Does this link work for you instead?


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