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I am sure , like me, if you are fortunate enough to be healthy and in a safe warm place with food in the cupboard and most basic comforts..... this Covid19 lock down is at most ... an 'inconvenience'. Pity these people ...

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South Africa has many many informal settlements, townships and shack towns where there are literally MILLIONS of people living shoulder to shoulder. Social distancing is an absolute pipe dream even if the residents want to put that exercise into practice.

Sadly, the feeling among a lot of the residents is that they have nothing to fear as it is a 'tourists' disease and they cannot be affected.

Please join me in some COVID blues to while the evening away

Smokestack Lightning - Howlin Wolf

Whilst listening to this track I thought an absolute appropriate number based on the opening to this post must surely be ..

In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley

Constipation Blues - Screamin Jay Hawkins

And one of the finest ladies of soul doing a cover of one of the most covered songs EVER !! In fact I did an article over here about the number of cover versions for I put a spell on you ...check it out.

I Put A Spell on You - Nina Simone

Thanks for stopping by ... stay home, stay safe and stay committed to the community !!



I was feeling kind of sorry for people in situations like that all the way through to apartments (even if apartments are big). Especially the places that are in full lockdown x_x

How are you coping over there?

just buzzing around here for a bit more as I miss some of you ;D

Hi @ryivhnn .... holding up well... so far so good but only 19 days into a 35 day lock down. Biggest problem is I have run out of wine and gin for my evening tipple... and we can agree that that is not life threatening.

And your side? Are you people in lock down? If so .... the children must be tiring ...???

That sounds like more than halfway XD

If that's your biggest problem you're doing pretty all right :D

We're in a soft lockdown on my end, all the things the government said had to shut down have shut down (including skate parks, playgrounds etc), we can go out for "solitary exercise" (same house doesn't count), but otherwise we're supposed to just chill at home. Everyone that can work from home is, and everyone that can't is either working in shifts at their offices so the offices aren't so crowded or are out of jobs :<

Kids are fine. The most tiring thing is trying to stay on top of socially accepted education things because I usually do that by going out.

just buzzing around here for a bit more as I miss some of you ;D

I have not wrapped my head around Hive yet. I registered on Steempeak as I thought I would then be posting to Hive ... But on Hive.io it would not accept my credentials... So I meandered off :)

I shall give it another shot sometime ....

Take care

hive.io is informational. If you're using steempeak you probably want peakd.com which is the same thing with a different brand and on the different blockchain :) Same credentials.

just buzzing around here for a bit more as I miss some of you ;D

A veritable mine of information you are indeed 😊😊😊

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