4 Epic Country Songs - My Guilty Pleasure Music Genre

in music •  2 years ago

Country is my guilty pleasure and I listen to it when I'm alone. Country is not a huge deal in Norway. But I can't help but love this collection of awesome tunes. 

This is one of my favorite songs. I love Johnny Cash, and he is accompanied by three other awesome singers here.

The romantic cowgirl in me loves this.

This songs makes me want to line dance...

My friend from Indiana made me listen to this, and I now love it.

Do you like country? What's your favorite country artist? 

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Thank you, @goldmatters. Does that mean you like country too? :)

I used to crank up the country during my drunk days. The old stuff though. I suppose it helped with depression?... or at least annoyed the neighbors.

I was reintroduced to old country again recently. A former neighbor of mine would always invite me over for a beer. He'd crank up his Hank Williams cassette tapes. There were many songs by him that I never heard before. When hearing them for the first time, they seemed far ahead of their time. I actually enjoyed Hank.

...and how could I forget this

Cassette tapes, those were the days :) I'm note sure I've heard Hank Williams. I will check it out.
And Whiskey River is GREAT, thanks for reminding me.


Hope you don't mind. Here's a good one from Hank. Have a good day!

I Like
Them All!
Alan Jackson's My Most Favorite!
Steem On!
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Thank you so much. Alan Jackson is good, I love his voice. :)




Thank you!

It is funny you like country. I never liked it even though I grew up in Indiana but then I was out in Texas and I heard this Jeason Aldean song and kinda liked it. The vibe was right for the setting!


That is shocking Brian! :) This songs is a good mix of rock and country, I like it.


Yeah it is a good mix! If you like that then I think you will like this too. It isn't sort of a mix as well.
You should listen to this song when you are chillin' on the beach in Australia!

i love country music too and i m from Greece :)