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in #music5 years ago

Here's part one of building my own partscaster. I was inspired by @amberyooper to finally finish this project that has been sitting around for a couple years.

This project started out a couple years ago when I went to the Chicago guitar show and bought this reject stratocaster body for around 30 dollars.

It has a big old knot in it, thus the body was rejected by the factory. I kind of think it looks cool there.

Here it is from the back. I can actually push the whole knot out if I wanted to.

Also someone had hand routed out a humbucker opening for a humbucker, this used to be a single coil opening. But I thought this was perfect because I had an old used hss pickguard I bought on ebay a while back.

Here's the loaded pickguard, it has lace sensor alumitones in it. These pickups are good in almost any genre and are really quiet for hum.

I got this off ebay as well. This was a rejected loaded pickguard, one of the pots or the switcher has something wrong with it. Possibly a cold solder connection. But the pickups themselves are good to go.

With just a bit of additional carving the pickguard set in place perfectly. The predrilled bridge holes line up as well.

Here's the new neck I got. This is a mighty mite neck from Stewmac. Its important to measure the neck pocket of the body first before buying a neck for the body. Otherwise you will have a tedious woodworking project on your hands lol.

I got the tuners from These are staggard locking tuners as you can see the farther away from the nut the lower down the tuner head goes. This is to add more tension to the higher strings for tuning stability.

Here's the locking mechanism to the tuners. These allow you to clamp the string in place while tuning rather than having to wrap the string around the tuning post.

Here are all the parts in place, next step is rewiring the pickups and bolting everything down.

The bridge lines up perfectly with the screw holes. This is another important thing to measure before buying a bridge.

These are the fancy looking mother of pearl gold volume and tone knobs. here's the finished project for now, I got the pickups working and the neck set and everything intonated.

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Awesome thing! Curious if it would change the sound with knot in or out :D Have fun, i am looking forward to hear that guitar!

Prolly not but the opening would scrape my picking arm. Here's what it sounds like

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juicy, enormous sustain for a Strat. what 'amp' did you go through?

Took me about 4 hours to setup since there was some woodworking and wiring involved.

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Perfect! Congratulations with guitar!

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Fortunately i didn't mess up too many things. I stripped a screw in the bridge though but its no biggie. Phase 2 is finishing the body with truoil and adding a wooden pickguard.

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The hole from the knot in the back can be filled with epoxy resin, putty on wood and sanded.

You read my mind. I thought about making a color resin of somekind to help fill in the knot more. Or turn the whole knot into a pick dispenser lol.

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Wow !! Great job !!
It's my dream !!!!!
Congratulations it's perfect !

Should i leave the body unfinished or truoil it?

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Your question is a real dilemma ... :)
Personally I really like the unfinished way ...
But it's a story of preference ...
in any case, it's a really great job !

I definitely need to give a few more bouts of sanding in areas. I might be imagining but the lack of paint seems to make it sustain more than my poly coated guitars.

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That is awesome! (By the way, I really like your carpet too.)

Yeah my fiancee threw out my old carpet and got that one lol.

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That is a sharp looking guitar! If it plays as good as it looks, it's going to be really cool!

Yeah it turned out pretty good. I have a burl walmut pickguard arriving sometime in the mail. I'll eventually transfer the pickups there. For the body i plan on tru oil finishing it. But i might let it live a while unfinished.

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That burl pickguard should look really sharp on it!
I was thinking about possibly using untinted Danish oil for the finish on my project. Do you think the tru oil is better, or just a different brand?

I never heard of danish oil i bet it is similar though. Truoil is meant for gun stocks and does end up tinting the wood a little darker but not much. Also there's tung oil that is pretty nice though it is a bit flammable and offgasses a bit.

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