A juggalo revolution?

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The juggalo march has descended onto washington dc yesterday.
The blood curdling screams of clowns painted with make up with 2 liters of faygo in hand.
Hatchet wielding freaks wearing charm jewelry around their necks
Scaring everyone who walks past.
We all been there

Naw its not that bad.
ICP brought my friends together right before highschool.
Juggalos brought food to a group of homeless people the first time I met them
They were perfect to my upbringing at that time

Why a juggalo march?

Well the juggalos feel descriminated against
The fbi labeled them a gang and icp got up into arms about it.
juggalos are complaining that cops are pulling em over because of merchandise and jewelry and tatoos.
That has lead to them feeling anxious about carrying out their daily lives.

Do i think that they should of went down a different path yes
Especially with people being blown up in the middle east.
Enjoy your music in private.
Or go to a concert.

Also the signs they are holding go back and forth on political sides.
Which can screw up your group of people even more.

Grab america by the posse

Make america whoop again


I never whooped I am in big trouble

ICP didnt care about being the worst band in the world and hated for their music and were proud of it.
Now they and the juggalos are the victims.

History behind the juggalo march

Late in 2016 ICP announced that they will be doing a free concert and they were going to march for all juggalos injustices everywhere. At first all of psychopathic records and other underground rap artists were going to show up for the concert.
Then disaster struck. At the time twiztid was still pretty close to icp. January 1st 2017 ICP sent a invite to twiztid about preforming and being there for the juggalos at the march. Twiztid obliged to go to the march. A few weeks later ICP said they will be cutting all ties with twiztid and all artists from twiztids label. Icp and Twiztid had a whole tour planned of sorts. Well that went into the trash. On top of that artists left psychopathic and joined twiztids label. Leading to drama. Some people said its the end of twiztid and icp. Others said its a new beginning or it is just a big marketing scheme. Including twiztid themselves. Rumours were spreading. ICP fans would go to twiztid shows and they would be kicked out. Both sides making diss songs. All the fans thinking the worst is coming. People fighting each other. A lot of family love lost right here. Icp had trouble finding a concert hall for the event with it switching to a few places.

A mini commercial talking about how hard it was to find a place to perform

Icp recoupes its losses and got quite a few artists to go to the march. Also they promoted new artists and forgotten ones as well.

What happened at the march


Live Stream of the March

Icps speech

Pretty nice size crowd.
Tldr of speech
America descriminates and we are not taking this shit no more. Gays bearded ladies should be accepted and censoring people is equal to sewing buttholes shut. This is fascism.

So i guess they are liberals. This is not helping at all. This plays into the division of people and suggesting juggalos to take a side. I wish they did something else. I wanted them to talk about what to do in our crisis time. If there is a terrorist attack natural disaster or war of some sort. Where is a juggalos place in that. What can they do for the downtrodden hurt. To build up a community at the worst possible time. No matter what happens we got each others back.

Icp never went into a plan on what to do to get rid of this gang label either.

ICPs performance

Do i hate Icp forever because of this
Do i think this is silly and not focused well enough

I am not going to stop listening to this music to remember good ole times for me.
I still love the music
It has a close place in my heart.
It would of been fun to go there and pretend like I was 13 again with complete strangers.
Life sometimes doesnt allow you to do those things.

Sources: the hill.com for the first three pictures
Thejuggalomarch.com for the schedule
And the youtube channels for recording this event.

Maybe one day ill go to something like this. See you all later @sinned.


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Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi


and when there is hope there is life

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It finally went down huh.

They carried the best signs, "The fbi listens to nickelback" HAHAHAHA