Struggling to find collabs // Why do all producers on the internet make EDM/house/trance/techno music

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Lately i have been trying to find a few new collabs in specific discord groups and on reddit. One of my posts there is trending in that particular subreddit right now, i think.

Unfortunately i havent had much luck. I received probably around 10-12 requests for a collaboration from various songwriters and music producers but not a single one of them offered anything i would like to do.
Only 1 of those was a woman that wrote songs that werent "electronic music" but since they were reminiscent of Evanescence, that again wasnt my cup of tea.

Why is it that everyone makes Electronic music?

I think its fair to say that its due to technology. Nowadays everyone can call themselves a producer as long as they can create a beat. And thats awesome. Technology has allowed for those that dont really have a background in music, dont really play any instrument to "do music".
All the power to them.

But that poses a problem for me because now everyone calls themselves a music producer. :D
That used to mean something. You needed to have at least some basic knowledge of music, some level of education, know how to at least play a piano or guitar, you needed to understand what meter is, the dynamics, tempo, harmony, etc...
Things these guys dont know how to do. You dont even need to have traditional schooling to develop this knowledge but you need to know "something".

And i dont want to even mention composers that are rare gems. Im lucky to have found 1.

Technology has changed a lot of things, brought so many things closer to people but it also muddled the definition of what a composer or a producer is.

Anyways, just a few thoughts on struggling to find some projects worth doing. :)

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the big change is that 20 years ago you could not imagine to record something "in house" now with some small budget you can do a lot.

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That is the good part. The bad part being that everyone calls themselves a producer. Im not sure that just being able to make a beat makes you a producer.

Similar with photographers and many other professions. Nowadays everyone with a smartphone is xxxxxx (whoever they want think they are).

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You might want to take a look at @vesislava, @elena-singer, @ivan.atman
(last two are not that active recently but I guess they can be brought to life ;-) )