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in music •  last year  (edited)

Long, long time ago I was suppose to meet some friends at the Calgary Airport. Their flight was delayed for many hours. I had my guitar with me and was playing some tunes in one quiet corner when some guy approached me and borrowed my guitar .

He played few numbers and then he played "Horizons" from Genesis. It's a Steve Hackett instrumental piece. It was the first track on their album Foxtrot. It is nothing like the other music on the album (which I love), very classical.

So I asked that guy to teach it to me. He was really patient with me, it took quite some time. But the plane was getting more and more delayed, so we had plenty of it.

That is actually the first song I'm putting on Steemit that is in regular tuning and not in DADGAD. Also I play it on my other (regular tuning) guitar.

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Really amazing cover @shepard never heard this song, reminded me on Bach Cello Suite No.1 :) also funny fact to me is that I just uploaded my Horizons song 3 days ago haha cool, just a demo, hear it out if you want below

That's a funny coincidence. Just listened to it. Very nice. At some point seems like there is a touch of Pink Floyd in it.

Yes of course @shephard Pink Floyd is a foundation to all ambient psychedelic music

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Great, thank you, I will do it!