Super new music Pt.1

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After my uninvited network visitor became no more a pain in the neck I started to produce some new sounds again. With a fresh install in logic x I started super fresh again. out of the blue fully in the zone, all in one day, both days. Yes I present here two songs in one post.

Some background

I had some issues with my device having to fight a heavyweight intruder for one reason, no comment. I lost my backups in the race, but not all of them, got sent back to 2017 march straight .. pretty poop but it is how it is. It's from just before I started out exploring in new music styles. Infact just after I found the passion for music production again after a while. So this is super uber duper clean yeah. When I was exploring logic (afterI bought a MacBook somewhere in 2010) I was already known with the issue you can face as producer getting the feel of a new work flow. I was primarily trying t get the best out of the stock plugins. And yes it's good to do that, because I believe you can achieve the same results with most of the DAW's stock plugins if you just know what you're doing. Yes there are differences in the characters and speed you are making something sound in a certain way but if you know what you try to archive and how to reduce hz and where to raise it, what to compress for what, what feel you want. pinging in the right regions is the best way and its always coming to knowing what does what I believe. If you do that then it doest's matter. Sure it's missing some booms and volume that waves plugins can give you with some character but still. Vsti's and midi for the win and it's all about the feel of it. Here are my latest songs: I hop you enjoy them


ohhyeah <3


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Don't give up, assholes on the internet can only set you back so far but they won't ever take away your drive and satiation for creation.


Both tracks are sick, but Bring it On is a future funk classic in the cloud.


a future funk classic in the cloud? if you what to be cryptic just know I've more than 2 eyes since recent happenings. you came dm to me to with secret code stuff stop doing that it's waste of time.


I DM'ed you my latest song, which is about cryptocurrency on D.Tube and also I sent "See your girl at the park, that girl is an uckers." Because you referred to Big Shaq's Mans Not Hot in your Discord Channel... which I still think is funny.

Yo dude, im not a hacker.. chill, I know what its like to not be able to trust anyone because people go full retard.

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