No One Knows | Queens Of The Stone Age | Acoustic Cover

in #music4 years ago

Queens Of The Stone Age is one of Alex's favorite bands! I love them too. This is our acoustic cover of their song No One Knows!

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Hey Savannah, nice to meet you and welcome to Steemit!
It's actually the first time that I stumble upon your blog I think. Nice music!

There is one thing you might not know being very new to this network: this here works a bit different than the older social networks like Facebook and Instagram you already know well.

What matters on Steem is actually the engagement with the community. So dropping content, boosting it to the trending page, waiting for a quick buck and never getting back to any of the comments left is not really what we like to see here.

I actually noticed that you never reply to any comments given by your followers. That's Insta-style but not Steemit-style :-)

You may try to get more familiar with this network, its dynamics and especially its community over time. A trending position includes a certain responsibility due to the visibility given.

Thanks for reading!
See ya, Marly -

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I have been working on getting back to people! I always do on my other social medias because I think it is so important to engage with your listeners/ subscribers and also become friends with them! I am so new to this website I am still getting the hang of it! But definitely will be replying more. I noticed the website doesn't totally work the way it is supposed to yet when replying to comments. I have to hit the add comment button about 5 times before it actually replies lol! So I really hope they can work on that so I am able to reply to everyone quicker!!! <3 thanks again :)

My pleasure, Savannah! :-) I just found your livestreamings on DLive, so I think that's an excellent way of engaging with the community.

You can only reply every 20 seconds. So if you wait 20 seconds it should work perfectly :-)

Also I'm happy you understood this as constructive feedback and no offense :-)

Keep on steeming!

I am more concerned that this person is "making a living" off of other people's copyrighted material. If this is ok with everyone, I will change my "platform" today and share nothing but acoustic song covers.... I do have access to hundreds of those. Though, personally, I would rather my platform be about truths, problems, and solutions to those problems. No intention to insult, I just wish to understand what I am working with here. Thanks for the comment. Much love! <3

Original music is coming soon! Please be patient with me <3 this is all I can do for now until my original music is perfect and ready to be put out there for the world to see. Posting covers is just a way to get my name out there for now. But trust me I would much rather be playing my own music!!

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Some people don't have the time or make the effort to relate to others outside their zones.
That's why it's not good to follow such people.

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den wachen Augen einer "Steembassadorin" entgeht ja auch gar nichts! :D

Vielleicht bin ich ja die einzige, die trending Artikel wirklich liest...:-)

ich lese trending Artikel eigentlich überhaupt nicht. :D - ich abonniere nur freundliche Leute, die ich in den Kommentarspalten treffe! :D

Tja, da haben wir halt einfach einen anderen Horizont :-)

du schaust also regelmäßig bei Trending? Ich schau da eigentlich nur, falls irgendwas mit der Steemit blockchain kaputt ist/war.

Immer mal wieder, da es ja quasi sowas wie das Schaufenster von Steemit ist. Finde schon wichtig, dass wir alle n Auge drauf haben, was wir der Welt als unseren teuersten Content zeigen...

Ich hinterlasse Kommentare wie den hiesigen übrigens schon seit zwei Jahren, das hat mit meiner neuen Rolle als Steem Ambassador Nullinger zu tun. Aber ich weiß ja, was in der deutschen Community abgeht, insofern wundert es mich nicht, dass sowas ausschließlich aus der Ecke kommt :-))

"Nullinger" auch schon lange nicht mehr gehört :D

Is this for a Tool video? <3

This is the age of robots and I think that girl abuse them

We just need to make the robots do some work that benefits us all, then?

  • real music - bots.

I was thinking more in terms of having automation take care of the stupid, repetitive, mandatory labor that nobody really wants to do. Mexicans don't take as many of "yer jerbs" as machines do. <3

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Ya I know this band I am also a huge fan of this band.

The video is good, how can I increase my angle and how can I increase my earnings a little

keep consistence and valuable posts to more visitors #steemit #funcyclopaedia thank you everyone. i will making vlog challenge videos and useful stuffs i believe. upvote me. love ya!!

What happened to creativity , darling?
Write your own songs ;)
Cover more than Covers ;)

originals will come soon my love. Writing them and working on them until they are the absolute best they can be.

Love to hear that, sweetheart ;)
Actually i am doing the same...
You are right, give them rough
diamonds time to grow...

que buena musica excelente post

@savannahvan wow loved it great music and lovely sound, great work keep it up man.

thanks so much :)


Wait, what? We’ve cut from the four-piece performing band with the multicoloured Ready Brek glows to three fellas in a car. Two of the fellas are in both groups. What? The No One Knows video is two videos smashed together – two filming sessions, two directors, two lineups. Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri are in both, and then there’s the performance in the black room featuring Grohl and touring guitarist (and later full QOTSA member) Troy Van Leeuwen, and the deer-based desert adventure featuring occasional member and longtime collaborator Mark Lanegan. It’s all very confusing, but at the same time it doesn’t really matter. Things are about to get tasty.

PewDiePie is Great. PewDiePie Lovers Love YouScreenshot_2.jpg

this is really good... thx

Is it this person's music, though? Does this person have permission to use this song? <3

lovey lovey song , keep it up

Hmm... I guess I did not realize that we could just make money on here by covering other people's copyrighted material? From what I understand, it isn't such a big deal if you are a performing band and do a couple of song covers during a show, but to profit exclusively off of other people's creations? Is that right? Am I missing something here? Hence the reason I have not done an upvote with this one. Looks like you have already been pretty well rewarded for your efforts. A musician friend of mine, who does all original material , only made $700 in a year and a half of doing original material, which was great stuff. If anyone can correct me on this issue, and prove me wrong, I will happily share song covers on here until the "cows come home", I mean, my kid needs to eat too. Great job on the covering the song, by the way. It isn't my intent to insult, it is just my intent to understand what I can and cannot get away with on here. If filming my musician friend doing song covers is going to feed my kid better than writing about truths, why bother seeking and spreading truth? Thanks for sharing. <3

Do what you gotta do man! I am just doing what I can to get my name out there for now so that when I do release my original music I actually have people who want to hear it! I love music with everything in my being.... If this is all I can do for now then thats what I am going to do. Please be patient with me. Original music is coming. And I can't wait! But this is what I can do right now. I hope people will enjoy it!

I will want to hear it when you do! Just don't cover any of my boyfriend's songs, though. Not that it would be easy to do. He can't play them. He had to hire extra-dimensional beings to do the music. His writing hasn't been the same since he fell into that vat of LSD along with a TV set that was tuned into Adult Swim. If you do choose to do so, we will find a way to mutually benefit. Thanks for the response. Take care. Much love! <3 (poof) she's gone!

You Doing Great Dear..
Keep Blogging Like This Beautiful POSTS.

Ww amzng post

Some one like this comment ha

Sir i upvote you please upvote me back so that we will help eachother

waoo its so amazing , before I don't know about Alex's favorite band. I like it

Am not music lover as much but really awesome ❤️ Especially that last one 😋

great music but which music is your favorait ?

one hell of a cover!!

thank you :)

Really nice ... Heart touching voice kepp it up it's great as usual all time..

Finger guns?

I love you savannahvan

no i love you!

i love that covers and music isstarting to pick up on dtube, i post many originals songs and covers myself. max support here. wonderful :) great voice

thank you sooo much dude! :)))

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!Thank you in advance!

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!Thank you in advance!

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Dear you are good musician,and only the music is the thing which connects to our soul ,i appreciate your blog ,i am a big fan of you,i want to kbow how you learn these kinds of things and always come with different kind of ideas,yours blogs motivate me ,its loving, you are agreat guy with dashing personality ,i request u to bring somthing pure indian thing for indian i really appreciate your cretivity i want like you what i have to done ,please help me and support me guide me ,i am waiting for your answer

Ww nce post

@savannahvan you are osm but your music is very osm

thanks love :)

keep it up amazing

Amazing music, waiting for more videos to come.

thank you :))))

Nice work :-)

It's not bad music on your Youtube Alex Strahle Youtube channel.

But you are not active on this channel continuously

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good song and video. appreciate your work.

Very good music I wish you the best hits in the immediate future. Congrat...@savannahvan

@savannahvan Great Post. I know Queen Of Stone Age. And I miss them..

video is very good and interesting

@savannahvan i know the Queen of the stone age asks me how and what i know about the same...

Hi savannahvan I an new here please upvote me

beautiful musical great songs good post
your look very nice

super bro simple you tell one line to know about it

It is really an amazing post I love that kind of music.

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I know Queen Of Stone Age. And I miss them..

oh it's so nice

I love this song. So instant thumb up from me.

thank you so much :)))

I would like to support me with my music, I want support so that they know me and with the help of many power, I will soon buy my Electric Violin

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant

Great performance

You hot sexy thing you!!! There I did it... :)

lovely post thank you so much for i am a fan of her.

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i am happy to know about this information, its always good to know different

live life to the fullest

great western music has always attracted me... love music

savannahvan bots


Nice! Do you use twitter? I have my twitter account linked through steemengine to automatically tweet my posts. saves me a lot of time.

thank you :)))

Hi savannahvan I love this kind of music
Thanks for pulish

great music dear

so what is the age???

omg i love your chanel !!! of course i will suscribe !!! i hope you like mine :)

I absolutely LOVE this song! :)

Great cover! Keep up the great work! It sounds lovely! I like your version of it a good bit, keep doing what you're doing!

thank you :))))

You both killed this! Such a great rendition. Brings me back to my high school days 😆

On the rising Queen of stone age

Nice song

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This is amazing! Love it!

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