"Jammin' Machine" Experimental Jam with @rusty-jernigan

in music •  last year

This track is an excerpt from a jam session that @rusty-jernigan and I had at my house a few months ago. He made a few posts of highlights, and I'm going to try and post anything he didn't already. I like this section musically especially, and absolutely love how hysterical we get towards the middle. He started using a patch on the synth and making a melody that I tried to follow with chords, but we were both laughing because of how comedic the patch sounded. This is relatively long (around 6 minutes), but if you would like some groovy background music while you Steem, it's perfect. At this moment we were feeling a funk type of sound, and I constantly allude to reggae, of course. We were both trolling pretty much the whole time!!

This Jam session was partly to get myself playing other genres and with other people again, because I was somewhat feeling boxed into one genre and one band, but also it was for helping Rusty familiarize himself with his new drum machine as well as a synth he had been borrowing. You can hear both of us experimenting and learning, which is why I love every moment of the recordings from this day (almost three hours worth of material). There are tons of great moments in here, and there are moments where you can tell we were both making mistakes (Don't get me wrong, I think it sounds AWESOME), and that is the beauty of Jamming. No matter what, You always leave the room better at your instrument than when you entered.

Doing this type of stuff with Rusty since then has brought about playing music with other people as well, and it has alleviated a ton of my stress and made me able to enjoy my experience with my regular band much more, thankfully.

Audio-wise you're hearing his machines through nice old monitors, and my 80's Fender Telecaster (pink below) plugged straight into my 1968 Fender Twin amplifier (below). All recorded with a handheld recorder by Zoom, which provides an amazingly clear and well-balanced recording. All I did in post-production was very lightly compress and nothing else. I titled it "Jammin' Machine" after the machines Rusty brought to the Jam session.

@rusty-jernigan(left) and @samvan(right)


Enjoy "Jammin' Machine"


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Looks like a lot of fun. I would love to come down there and jam with you. Keep recording and posting here and I can listen.


We’ll jam with anyone, man! Thanks for listening:)

hi, guys!
nice to see you together! when some talanted persons are united then we can wait for a masterpiece;)
I saw some creative works of @rusty-jernigan and @d-pend, they were so cool!
this work is great too)
sounds playful and light


Yes all the stuff they do together is awesome. we all three went to music school together, and I’m so glad to be playing with @rusty-jernigan again! I can’t wait until I get to play with @d-pend again. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for listening and voting:)


ahh you're 3 old friends;) I see:)
it's so great when people come to Steemit together and can support each other
unfortunately, I was alone when I started, and I had no friends at all
but now I'm glad to know your company, guys;))


Yes we are very lucky to have eachother, and we're glad to know your company, talia!

cool selfie :DD 👍


Thanks! We always try to have fun:)


good 😊

  • have an awesome day my friend

Welcome to Steemit. @samvan. Rusty is a dear friend. And I was born and raised in Tenessee (Memphis) I will be following you.


Awesome! He's one of the dearest friends one can have. Glad to meet you!