Dirt On My Boots/Boondocks Cover LIVE by Cumberland Run

in music •  11 months ago

This is from just under a year ago with my band Cumberland Run, of Nashville, TN. This was a current country radio hit that was fun for us to arrange and make our own. I gave it a reggae feel in the chorus to give it more of a musician driven effect overall, as well as more guitar player style help. Because, as some of you may know, American radio country these days is very driven by electronic sounds and random samples of licks on quasi-realistic instruments. I Give Johnny Warren on Fiddle much credit for that "musicianifying" process as well. We start and end with "Dirt On My Boots" by John Pardi, and replaced his bridge with an excerpt from the always loveable "Boondocks" by Little Big Town. I hope you enjoy this next chronological step in our musical development:) I Promise the next thing I post will be from within the past six moths! Happy Steeming!

Cumberland Run


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"Dirt On My Boots/Boondocks" by Cumberland Run

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You boys should really enter in an open mic contest. Awesome home grown music. Actually @comedyopenmic is looking for a band and you guys would be a big hit. I know this isn't comedy. It is awesome music. They said they will support comedy music big time. Give it a try once I think you will have fun.

What a wonderful song, do you perform in gigs?


Yes! We play here in Nashville on Broadway (The Wildhorse Saloon, Ole Red, and Margaritaville) at least once a week and we take a trip to locations around the country about once a month!

a cool photo and good music!


Thanks Talia. Always great to hear from you:) The photo was taken at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. You should visit the city one day, It's a cool place and has great music all the time!

Excellent. Great instrumentals. I just tweeted this out as part of my ongoing "Steemit-Twitter Marketing Campaign"... https://twitter.com/TranscriptJunky/status/1003104453690515456 Keep it up...


okay I made a twitter account. its called samvan


Hey! I cant track down your (claimed) new Twitter profile. Can you post it here, in the following format : https://twitter.com/TranscriptJunky . The https://twitter.com/SamVan is coming up as a woman - and so unless you're a transexual, or cross-dresser (or WHATEVER) then I ASSUME that's not you. Please clarify so I can begin including your mention in the various Nashville music related tweets I am continuously sending out...


https://twitter.com/samvan22280612....idk why all the numbers were added at the end. I appreciate you!


That is very sweet, thank you so much! I know I need to get a twitter account LOL

Good! Good! ~~~ Music!

I like music.


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