m.o.a.i.n. - You know we could all be nonviolent and compassionate

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This concludes all the videos with my most recent album release. I was born in Toronto Canada, and I grew up in a lower middle to middle class family. All the way from being a child to being an adult I never really experienced any real violence in my life. You know from time to time there were scuffles with a peer or groups of peers and I generally avoided them (kids stuff). Yet I am painfully aware of the seemingly hopeless situations that exist out there in the world. So, I digress when I say “You know we could all be nonviolent and compassionate”. I lack experience and the skills to be the one who could actually diffuse a violent situation if it got past the point of words. Some people would laugh as they beat you to a pulp or even worse, and feel no empathy or remorse. Over all if you look at the exponential increase in the global population and compare the violence in society then to now, I think there is a clear decline in violence over all in our great civilization. But I will spend the rest of my life preaching about peace and nonviolence, even though we may never completely stomp it out. It’s such an easy thing to say love is all we need. But it is true. The only way we will end pain and suffering is by ending violence in every aspect of our lives. From physical, to verbal, to emotional. If we recognized it and if we taught everyone to not use it. We really could all be nonviolent and compassionate if we tried to be. I think that is goal we should all work on together.




Ending violence will make the world a better place for all

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