m.o.a.i.n - The Secrets

in #musiclast year

What are the secrets of the universe? Yes, we are all physical beings in a universe governed by physical laws we subjectively perceive through our senses, and agree on as objective fact. But even through all this collective agreement the smartest minds on the planet still don’t have any clue what is actually going on here. We are all acutely aware that our perceptions and awareness don’t have a complete picture of all the inner and outer workings of this extremely vast reality. Is it finite or infinite? Why do so many want to know the why? The how? Are there even actual absolute answers to such questions? Some would say yes and some would say no and some would point to all sorts of ancient books, or even contemporary books or people that apparently do. There is definitely something going on here. We are definitely altering our reality for better or for worse. We are also definitely at the mercy of the cold apathetic physical universe and its consistently observed laws. Even if it all is simply exactly how we perceive it and the stuff we aren’t perceiving isn’t anything more miraculous or explanatory then we are born and we die. The universe pops into existence, plays out, then ceases to exist, and does it all over again. It’s still kind of strange at the very least. Why does anything exist at all? If this exists I don’t think it is far off or illogical to think that existence is infinite. The secrets are deeper than our finite minds can encapsulate. Maybe some know more than others. Maybe there are beings beyond our perception that have a better grasp. Maybe there are places, perceptions, and awareness’s that we haven’t discovered. What are the secrets of the universe?... They cannot be told.!




I like this one dude! Love the way the vocals mix in and out with the beat dropping. Awesome. Cool video as well :)

Thanks for the positive words❤️

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