m.o.a.i.n. - Infowar - Second track on new album.

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The final war we are faced with in the first world is the information war. It is the war on truth. Mis and Disinformation are spread with the help of the internet in a last attempt to maintain the old power structures, and manipulate the public into complacency and manufacturing consent. The deep truths that are hidden from us are hidden in the name of national security. More and more the people are exiling from mainstream information sources because they have lost all creditability. We are all in desperate need of real substance and truth. Not sound bites and clickbait. The mainstream corporate media’s reign is reaching its end. Its over inflated expenses are forcing them to resort to twenty-four-hour news cycles in a vain attempt to hold your attention so they can keep advertising revenue. A snake eating its own tail. In this war we must not let the enemy win, the enemy of truth. Now more than ever we need to remember to put our differences aside and talk to one another. Never forget how important our relationships with each other are in holding together the fabric of our society. Having a hollow foundation where we know nothing that is true, and are unable to civilly cooperate with each other will collapse our society. Being outraged by sensationalized headlines and having unproductive arguments will not solve our issues, especially if our arguments lack objective truths. Never stop searching for truth, never trust or listen to ones who have a history of lying. Be wary of the ones who scream authority at you. See through their masks of deception. Trust verifiable people who are respected in their professions not talking heads with corporate agendas.




Absolutely: Never stop searching for the truth. I do like the track!

ps Please consider to only post one time to the Steem blockchain next time.

I appreciate the comment and advice. But I don’t know what you mean about posting one time. Did I accidentally post this twice on steem? Or do you mean by posting on multiple steem blockchain pages? I.e. dtube, steemit, and dsound?

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