m.o.a.i.n. - Determined to break free

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My whole life I’ve constantly observed the extremely broad disparity between the classes, and all the struggles that come with it. No matter what they’ve told us over the years when trying to get their hands on power. Their lies never come true. They will tell us how they want to help the middle class. Help the ones who are less fortunate. Provide us with more wealth and a system that works for us. Yet the opposite always appears to be what ends up happening. No one system will do these things for us. In fact, the system is designed in such a way it makes it almost hopeless for the lower classes to ever rise to the level of the upper most classes. The wealth of the highest classes depends on the majority not having that wealth or power. I have no faith in the system to help me. I will do everything I can to break outside of this system of perpetual enslavement. I will never give up until I am dead to be no longer a part of the rat race. The only thing I won’t do to achieve this is break my own moral and ethical code to achieve my vision of absolute freedom. We all have our own idea of what absolute freedom is. To some it is not owning anything. To others it is having millions of dollars or more. Some may argue that people who live on the streets are most free than the wealthiest elite of this world. Or maybe even the Buddhist monk is the most free? The most ironic thing is although I always focus on breaking free I become a slave to that idea. It’s so easy to lose sight of what freedom actually is. Every once in a while, it is important to realize that maybe true freedom can only ever be the end of the pursuit. To be mindful in every moment that I am where I want to be. I do what I want to do. No person. No institution no matter how loudly it forces its will upon me can take my freedom of mind, my freedom of thought. My final decision. The most tyrannical oppressor can break your bones, lock you in a cage, and destroy your life. But the strength of your will is what truly sets you free, not the things you possess, the people in your life, or the society that surrounds you.




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