m.o.a.i.n. - Arranging patterns on a screen trying to weave a dream.

in #music3 months ago

Life is an infinite wave of intricate patterns of energy vibrating on a spectrum of frequencies. We stand on the forefront of consciously or even unconsciously being able to manipulate the patterns of life in ways that create and design our world in more powerful ways than ever before by ways of technology, taking this to new levels of infinite possibilities. With great power available it is our duties as individuals globally to never let this power become concentrated for a small few peoples advantage over the rest. All this technology should be used to advance, enhance, and develop all human capability. Not the opposite. The ones who are far more advanced in their awareness of this new age technological power must out of moral and ethical responsibility design it in ways that nurture advancement in human intelligence, reasoning, compassion, understanding, and integrity. Rather than use it to their advantage by dumbing down the rest, confusing the rest, misguiding the rest, lying to the rest, ultimately trying to manipulate and control the rest. More minds working together is always better than few minds working against or for more minds. Every vote yes or no. Every choice we make in life. Every step we take. Every word spoken. Every breath taken changes the pattern. Whether the pattern is on a screen in the digital world or a pattern in the physical world. Everything is connected and effects itself. The question is not if we can. It is what are we trying to with what we can?




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