The harmony of the traditional blues

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The harmony of the traditional blues is very simple. it comes with the basic cadence chords

tonic, subdominant and dominant. At the beginning there was no structure at all, a

text is improvised and accompanied indiscriminately with tonic or sibdominant, there are also blues recordings in which

the singer accompanies exclusively with the tonic. Only later did a standard form develop, the

we know today as the 12-stroke blues pattern.


We see that all chords appear as dominant seventh chords, but this is only the

half truth. The septims are explained by the Blueston scale. Since there the maj7 does not

but the small seventh is very present as a blue note, the tonic chord is also played with a small seventh. The same applies to the subdominant.


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I enjoyed your post where you mentioned about the 12-stroke blues pattern and the harmony of the traditional blues. The 4 images you have posted are really stunning. Your writing skill is really smooth.

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