Vibrations #10 | Share Which Song Inspired You Today! | Best Comments Are Featured On the Next Episode!

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There's one universal "language" that we all speak no matter the origin -- across linguistic and cultural boundaries. And that "language" is called...

M U S I C !

Introducing Vibrations!

We want to hear which song inspired you today! In the comments section below, share that one song with a brief explanation of how it inspired you. We will feature the best comments on the next episode of Vibrations!


Allman Brothers - In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

This afternoon I was looking for some inspiration, to have some creative ideas for my work, and nothing better than this Allman Brothers jam song. While listening to the song some ideas started to flow from my brain. Absolutely inspiring song.


Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz

Masterpiece from today's playlist...


Jorja Smith: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert has been consistent recently with outstanding performances. Jorja Smith's performance is a great example. Effortless singing with musicians playing effortlessly. Dope!


Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat


In the comments section below, share one song that inspired you recently with a brief explanation of how it inspired you for a chance to be featured on the next episode of Vibrations!

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