I Want You To Meet Lindsay Rose

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Miss Lindsay Rose is my youngest cousin on my Mother's side. (She's my Uncle's daughter.)

Lindsay comes from a long line of people who can sing, dance and play musical instruments.

Lindsay is self taught.

Here's a video that she posted on her YouTube channel:

It's a cover: The 1975-Somebody Else

(As mentioned, this video was made by Lindsay Rose and she posted it on Jan. 25, 2018)

I hope that you enjoy it.

My plan is to convince Lindsay to start putting her videos on Dtube and Steemit.

I have mentioned the concept to many members of my family.  However, I'm afraid seeing is believing...so if you think Lindsay's got a great voice and should be monetizing her talents on the platform, please leave a comment because I want her to see how "real" this opportunity is.

My Pledge:

Any rewards pledged to this post will be immediately transferred (from me) to Lindsay once I convince her (with your commenting help) to join Steemit and her account is approved.

I welcome your comments and I invite you to follow me on my journey...there might be the occasional tune sung. ;)

~ Rebecca Ryan


I totally admire my beautiful and talented cousin Lindsay. My daughter looks up to her and wants to be just like her when she grows up so she asked for a guitar this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your talent/gift and being an inspiration in the process. so much love xoxo

Very nice @purplemagic.
Nice to see that you you're starting on Steemit! Finally!!!
I'll make sure that Lindsay sees this. I bet that she probably has a very similar picture of herself at Savy's age.

Yep..here I go.. lot's to learn but diving in! I bet Lindsay does have a similar pic, I see the family resemblance for sure.

She should definitely join and put her vids up on DTube. She has quite the voice.

Besides, we need more members of the Ryan clan on here. :)

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to listen, vote, comment and for the resteem, too! I sent her the link to this post last night and Lindsay was shocked at the responses that she has received. She's been posting videos on YouTube for the last 5 years and in less than 12 hours, this post has out-performed YouTube for her. (No surprise there.)
Now, my job will be to teach her what to do because I know she'll do well here and on Dtube.
Thanks for being so supportive @nxtblg. I really appreciate it. ;)

Wow, I can't believe what I just heard! This young lady has got one bright future ahead of her! Her voice is really nice. She has great taste in music instruments also. That Fender Stratocaster with a maple fretboard fits her nicely, I like the way she was finger picking the strings. I'm self taught also but she can play circles around me! I thoroughly enjoyed this and I actually listened to this twice in a row! #Ineedtogopractice #girlpower

Thanks @bluelightbandit! I'll make sure Lindsay sees your comments...especially the part about listening to the video twice.
Lindsay's Dad and older brother also play. I think she just wanted to see what all the fuss was about so when she was still quite young, she picked up a guitar and started to play and sing.

Wow, she's the total package! She's got everything, the sound, the looks and even her name sounds famous... "Lyndsay Rose"!

Hubby was right, she's got a bright future in front of her!

Thank you very much @carolina-girl! I'll make sure that she gets to read your comments. Lindsay has been quite surprised by all this, literally. I didn't tell her that I took the initiative to put her forever on the blockchain. In fact, I wasn't going to tell her for about 3 days, thinking that it might take some time to build-up some comments. I lasted 30 minutes because I couldn't wait. LOL!

I just listened to her. It is very good.
The one thing that should be changed would be her voice being the predominate sound.
I know. This is just a Steemit trial and test for her and for us.
She seems to be so dedicated. That part I really like.
She looks like you a little Rebecca. That alone is a winner.
I would give her an upvote always. That is a given that won't fail.
Thank you and thank her for me.


Thanks Francis!
I agree. We need to hear her voice more and maybe not so much guitar. This might be rectified with equipment and training. I contacted Lindsay last night and shared the link to this post with her.
She was blown away by the response she has received and I think that she will make her own Steemit account as a result.
Here's some interesting facts: I shared her video on Steemit, 2 hours after she posted it on YouTube. She's had 47 views on YouTube and 2 comments. (1 being mine.) She has been posting her videos for over 5 years. In 10 hours on Steemit, she's had 69 views already and 27 comments. Not to mention the Steem she has earned. I think it's damn hard to argue with instant results like those.
Thanks for lending us your ears and for providing some feedback. ;)

Great post.

Definitely she should be on here! I didn't know the song either, but it was a lovely rendition. Her voice reminds me of Lennon Stella from the TV show Nashville (Maddie). The only thing I would have liked to see (hear) different was less volume on the guitar, to hear her voice better.

Thanks @kiwideb! I'll be sharing this entire post and comments with Lindsay and I know that she will appreciate the positive feedback. She has had no formal training or voice lessons that I know of. I agree that she needs a little help with the volume and I think having a chance to interact on the platform with other artists will help her a great deal. It's hard to improve when you don't get any feedback.
Thanks again,

Oh my god... tell her she’s got a big fan already and I’d like her autograph :D

Thank you @journeyoflife! I will be sure to pass your sentiments onto Lindsay. I did send her the link to this post last night and she was completely blown away from the response that she has received on Steemit. ;)

Wow this is great! I like slow beat musics and she is amazingly do that! You got a nice cousin! I will try to do my best support on this post friend!


Thank you very much @theguruasia! I sent Lindsay the link to this post last night and she was shocked at the response that she has received. ;)

This post has received 100% upvote from @minnowspower thanks to: @theguruasia

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Wonderful Song!!! really heart touching song........

Thanks @expertroyal! I will make sure that Lindsay sees your comment. ;)

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