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RE: I Want You To Meet Lindsay Rose

in #music6 years ago

I just listened to her. It is very good.
The one thing that should be changed would be her voice being the predominate sound.
I know. This is just a Steemit trial and test for her and for us.
She seems to be so dedicated. That part I really like.
She looks like you a little Rebecca. That alone is a winner.
I would give her an upvote always. That is a given that won't fail.
Thank you and thank her for me.



Thanks Francis!
I agree. We need to hear her voice more and maybe not so much guitar. This might be rectified with equipment and training. I contacted Lindsay last night and shared the link to this post with her.
She was blown away by the response she has received and I think that she will make her own Steemit account as a result.
Here's some interesting facts: I shared her video on Steemit, 2 hours after she posted it on YouTube. She's had 47 views on YouTube and 2 comments. (1 being mine.) She has been posting her videos for over 5 years. In 10 hours on Steemit, she's had 69 views already and 27 comments. Not to mention the Steem she has earned. I think it's damn hard to argue with instant results like those.
Thanks for lending us your ears and for providing some feedback. ;)

Great post.

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