Hello Hello!

Show the confidence that I know you can have to sing, your voice is the best I've heard, take advantage of it!

Greetings from Venezuela ♡

Oh hi there in Venezuela @ iamsaray! Thank you so much for encouraging me to sing better than this, i hope that you can watch and my up coming song cover video tonight!

Have a blessed day ahead!💕

oh dear @rachelleignacio, I really like your version! I would love to be able to sing, or at least play some instruments, but I have no talent for this !! do you work with music or is it your passion?
congratulations on your curie vote

Hi @road2horizon! Just my passion drive me into this path of music. But i have a lot of things to improve. Anyways, thanks for your greetings and dropping by, hope to see you around when i uploaded my next video tomorrow!💕☺️

Hi rachelleignacio,

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Hello @ivanm7, i am thankful for this post of mine have been notice by @curie. I hope that your team can find more of my music and discover more of a Filipino Artist (doing cover). I sincerely thanking you guys! Godbless!💕☺️

Hi. You're right, this song is very difficult to sing and play the guitar at the same time. You did it very well.
Suggestion: you should not be afraid of the camera because you transmit it in the video. It is something you should practice.
A cordial greeting @rachelleignacio

Hello @marcybetancourt! Yes you are right, the camera makes me so nervous and i feel not comfortable in front of it. Thanks for tips and dropping by... Godbless you!💕😉

Calm. Gradually you get used to the camera. Look directly into the lens and think of someone you like: a friend, your mother, your sister, a boyfriend, a singer, etc. The important thing is that smile and satisfaction appear on your face.
I want to see your next video .... :)

Yes i will practice and do what you say. I have my next video to post maybe tomorrow, i hope you could watch it also. Thank you again....

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You are indeed a very talented artist, a singer and a guitarist at that! Wow!!! 😍

Those talents are the ones I can only dream of. Hahaha! 😂 Thank you for sharing your rendition to us. I love it.

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