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I love Spotify! You know why? It shows what tracks and albums my friends are playing and I have some friends who are always discovering interesting music and producers. This morning one of them was playing the track 'Apnée' by Xique' Xique which I tried as well. Soon I saw myself listening to the whole album, euh, EP, 5 tracks in total. Quite interesting music! Love the bird-like sounds :) I marked them for further discovery and listening and I find it good enough to share it with you; Thanks to Soundcloud! Another amazing service!

Xique’ Xique is DJ & music producer duo Dunwich & Biba Graeff, a slow bpm project from São Paulo (Brazil), inspired and influenced by the VOODOOHOP collective, and somehow perfectly picturing the boiling alternative scene of São Paulo. The are scheduled to play at Into the Woods Weekender during Amsterdam Dance Event next week.

  • Artist: Xique' Xique
  • Album: Xaxoeira
  • Year: 2016

Hope you NJOY as well!

Xique' Xique - Xaxoeira (2016)


Rio Negro
Xaxoeira (Nicola Cruz Remix)

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Not too bad - never been that much into latin electronic but i might reconsider - resteemed

The Latin boys and girls are not doing bad at all, even when they do more European-like house and techno!

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