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I wrote about and shared music of the Spanish electronic producer and performer Lanoche a couple of months ago (here).

She creates such amazing sounds, I cannot but share some more music from her. One of the sets I have regular on repeat is a performance recorded earlier this year. Such a strong performance, and I get goosebumps when listening the last part and wish every time the set would continue for hours more.

Listening to this recording while chilling is the perfect way to start a relaxing and beautiful Sunday.

  • Artist: Lanoche
  • Set: Madrid Suena | Veranos de la Villa
  • Year: 2017


Lanoche - Madrid Suena | Veranos de la Villa (2017)

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nice post. Thanks for sharing

Dit is inderdaad een hele chille zondag sound.

Enjoy, al is het nu geen zondag meer :)

The starting point of all achievement is desire! Have a nice day :)