Lanouche - Sounds by Sonar (Live Recording) - BEAUTIFUL Atmospheric Deep Techno (music and more inside)

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Under the name Lanouche, Ángela de la Serna enriches our lives with productions and live shows that she labels herself as Deep House, Ambient and atmospheric, slowed-down Techno. A whole mouth full for what I simple classify as 'Beautiful'.

A couple of months ago I discovered her 'Melting' Live Samplers, and just loved them! Today I like to share with you the recording of her latest show at the Sonar music event in Barcelona held back in June.

For those who don't know, Sonar is one of the biggest electronic music events in the world where a large part of the industry come together. An important event, like ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). The later grew to massive proportions over the last 10 years, now being marked the biggest in the world with more than 300.000 visitors coming to Amsterdam for a week to network, listen to speakers at conference, enjoying the many artists shows around.

Lanouche, with her own label So Unreal, is one of the rare artists who releases on Vinyl, only.

  • Artist: Lanouche
  • Set: Sounds by Sónar
  • Style: Atmospheric Techno
  • Year: 2017

For a Monday, this is the perfect set to control the stress triggers that for most of us starts at the beginning of the week when diving into work again.

Lanouche - Sounds by Sónar (2017


Soundcloud: click here
Mixcloud: click here


Discogs: click here


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