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Cobblestone Jazz - a formation of one of my most favourite electronic producers Mathew Johnson (earlier post here) together with Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula - is one of the few multi-artist electronic 'bands' I really really really like.

Some years ago I was able to hear them in my home town Amsterdam, in Studio 80 to be exact. A wonderful small venue with wonderful people, openminded to music, enjoying the dance floor as it should, and creating this magnificent atmosphere. A perfect place for Cobblestone Jazz to give a show.

Mathew Johnson - an techno, electro and tech house producer and performer - offers us with Cobblestone Jazz another sound. As the name of the group already suggested, with Jazz influences. Electro and Techno sounds are there as well, creating this absolutely amazing sound!

According to Geist Agency:

Their music is created in one take, either culled from live performances or studio mixes, and their live shows are a representation of how they create music. Nowadays, the live set is made up entirely of keyboards and drum machines; the laptops and samplers are gone. These performances give audiences a fresh perspective on the genius of Mathew Jonson, his bandmates, and the future of electronic music itself.

The recording I share with you today is a live recording of a gig in Spain in 2007 and came as a bonus CD with the album "23 seconds"

Artist: Cobblestone Jazz
Set: Live Mondo Madrid
Year: 2007
Country: Canada/Germany



Saturday Night
Lime In Da Coconut
Untitled Live Improvisation
Hired Touch
23 Seconds
Slap The Back






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"...their live shows are a representation of how they create music".

Thank you.

It is! :) If you see photos of them playing, you see basically a whole studio

I really appreciate these kind of things! other than people who only dj, this needs real skill since especially with electronic instruments, it's easy to screw it up and be suddenly in the wrong loop

On top of that; Many artist performing live, have difficulties to keep the show dynamic and lively; Something these guys have no problem with; They are masters!

Amazing article, thank you for sharing! :)